Sweaty Bands to Honduras!

IMG_0291 My friend Katie and her daughter recently returned from a mission trip in Roatan, Honduras! We were thrilled when she asked if they could take along Sweaty Bands to give to the children in the four schools they visited. They also distributed TOMS, backpacks, paper, toothbrushes, markers, books, underwear, rubber bands and of course lots of Sweaty Bands. Katie and her group of 40 from the National Swim Association wanted to teach the kids to swim! “Some of the children knew how to swim but some were scared to put their faces in the water! One mom stood and watched her son get a lesson for an hour and cried in thanks to the teacher at the end,” said Katie. They brought suitcases full of bathing suits and goggles. The kids were amazed by the goggles!! The main goal of the trip was to raise funds to purchase new computers for the schools. Currently the schools can only teach up to 8th grade. In order to teach up to 12th grade the government says they have to have 10 computers. The swim school is figuring out a plan to make this happen!! On the final day they were in town and were thrilled to see all the kids show up for the celebration wearing their Sweaty Bands! xx, Donna
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