Hello, Summer Hydration!

Obvi, we had to make some amazing drinks to match our newest batch of Sweaty Bands! These are all simple ideas to keep your insides moving, your skin clear and your body super hydrated. RISE N’ SHINE Recipe inspired by our Sweaty Band, “Lemonade” Uh yep, we had to borrow the name from our gal pal Beyoncé but we kicked this drink up a notch. You have likely already been guzzling this drink first thing every morning as directed by…well just about everyone who knows anything! But, if you haven’t, now is your chance to try it. Blog - Fruit Kitsch_FA (1) MID-DAY NOMS Recipe inspired by our Sweaty Band, “Pineapple of my Eye” This one is for all the green smoothie lovers out there! Jam these ingredients into your blender and enjoy. Blog - Fruit Kitsch_FA2 (1) POST-WORKOUT HYDRATION Recipe inspired by our Sweaty Band, “Melonhead” You’re going to love this drink! It’s super hydrating and WAY better for you than a sugary Gatorade? This is also a great summer juice drink for all those watermelon-loving kiddos out there! And oh-so-easy! Blog - Fruit Kitsch_FA3 (1) Blog - Fruit Kitsch_FA4 (1)
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