What is the circumference of a Sweaty Band?

Sweaty Bands, including elastic are measured at 20" in circumference. We find that this size fits most ages 7 and up. Our Petite Collection measures 1" smaller in circumference, and our XL Sweaty Bands measure 1" longer in circumference.

Do Bling Sweaty Bands have actual gemstones or is it just a photograph of gems?

Our Bling Collection contains textured Sweaty Bands with actual gemstones for maximum bling! These Sweaty Bands are more delicate and need to absolutely be hand-washed to prevent the gems from falling off.

How to Wear your Sweaty Band for the best fit?
Can I make a Custom Sweaty Band?

Yes! Please visit the customize page for more information!

How should I care for my Sweaty Bands?

To give your Sweaty Bands the longest life, we recommend hand washing and drip drying them.

What widths of Sweaty Bands are available?

Sweaty Bands come in the following widths:

Do Sweaty Bands REALLY not slip?

Sweaty Bands are velvet-lined for the ultimate non-slip grip – and they are GUARANTEED not to slip, or your money back. Developed by a fitness instructor and tested through rigorous workouts (and even sky diving!) we know you will fall in love after one workout!

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