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    You can create Sweaty Bands custom headbands for any occasion, big or small! Our design team will work with you to bring your vision to life! 

    How It Works

      1. Fill out the form below and a Sweaty Bands representative will follow up with ASAP.
      2. To initiate a first round of designs from our design team, we require a $24.99 art fee deposit. Once you place your order, this amount will be applied to your final invoice. We have minimum quantity of 10.
      3. Our designers will create design mock-ups for your review using your ideas, logos, colors and our hundreds of patterns.
      4. Once the design is final and you've approved it, we will get payment and shipping information from you, and your original deposit will be applied to your total.
      5. We will ship your bands to you in approximately 30 days from the time you place your order. You will receive an emailed receipt once your order is placed and will receive a second one when your Sweaty Bands have shipped!
      6. PRICING - Once you complete the form below a Sweaty Bands representative will follow up with you on the cost.

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        Can I make custom designs using my corporate, school, or favorite team logo?

        We are happy to incorporate anything you'd like onto your headband, however, we must be conscious of licensing restrictions. If you feel your intended logo might be copyrighted or trademarked, the best bet is to get written approval ahead of time and send along with your request. Be sure to send us the correct artwork type (see next question).

        What file types are required for the highest quality?

        The highest quality file types are: Adobe Illustrator (AI), SVG or EPS format. Hi-res JPGs and PDFs can also be used, but an art fee may apply if you need us to remove the white background if you cannot provide the original artwork.
         Best quality artwork to give us is VECTOR art (Adobe Illustrator).



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