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    Sweaty Bands — Style Profile

    Style Profile: Classic Black

    Our black styles are always top sellers for a reason...these performance headbands are truly one of the most versatile, reliable, and fashionable accessories investments you can make! To help you figure out which of our 30+ black options is best for you, we've highlighted how to style a few of our favorites below: Sweaty Bands Black Headbands How do you style your Sweaty Bands? Show us your unique looks by using #SWEATYBANDS on Insta and Twitter!

    Never Give Up

    Over the past few months, Cincinnati has been in the spotlight thanks to the inspiring Lauren Hill and her refusal to give up, no matter the obstacle. As you've likely heard, this spunky teen is faced with DPIG, a rare, incurable form of brain cancer that predominately affects children. But rather than give up, Lauren has spent the past 14 months getting the most out of her young life as possible--from playing in nationally broadcasted basketball games, to raising record amounts of money for childhood cancer thanks to her Fight for the Cure (you can learn even more about her uplifting story here). All of these reasons and more are why we are thrilled to contribute to her cause with our special edition Lauren Hill Never Give Up bands, available online and in our warehouse!  $10 of each purchase goes to Lauren's Fight for Cure, a nonprofit organization to help spread awareness and support for Pediatric Brain Cancer, specifically DIPG. To show your support and contribute to the cause, shop the style now Of all the inspiring women we come across at Sweaty Bands, Lauren has by far been one of the most special to us. We wish her the best of luck as she continues her fight to eradicate pediatric brain cancer, and can't wait to see what other great things she accomplishes along the way!



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