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    Sweaty Bands — Health + Fitness

    St. Patty's Day Detox Water

    If you celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style, chances are you're feeling a little groggy and over-served this morning. No judgement here! Instead, we're going to help you out by letting you in on our favorite tool for feeling lean and clean, even after the wildest nights: our signature Detox Water! We swear by it, and are pretty sure you will too after following these (insanely easy) steps. Happy detoxing! Blod_Water_Ingredients1. STOCK UP -Mint leaves (we bought a package, but in the summer we love pulling them straight from the garden!) -1 - 2 limes -1 large cucumber -Sharp knife, juicer, and large pitcher Blog_Water_Chop12. CHOP IT LIKE IT'S HOT -Cut cucumber into fourths and chop 1/2 - 1" wide slices -Cut stems off mint and thinly dice -Halve limes Blog_Water_Add3. GET IT JUICY -Juice the lime halves then add the halves in the pitcher -Add cucumber and mint Blog_Water_Water and Stir (1)4. FILL 'ER UP -Fill your pitcher with water (we suggest using cold, filtered H2O & wearing this Motion of the Ocean Sweaty Band while you do it because we're fancy like that) -Give it a few vigorous stirs (added bonus of an arm workout here!) -Remove lime halves Blog_Water_Pour and enjoy5. ENJOY! -If you've washed out last night's pint glasses, now's the time to put them to use again! Pour in, and add ice as desired -Sit back, relax, and enjoy the full-body rejuvenation about to go down (again, feels even better when done wearing this gorgeous Sweaty Band) -Once you've finished off your glass, munch on the mint leaves and cucumbers for some added nutrition + digestive aids! ...see, wasn't that easy and delicious?! Do you feel as detoxed, refreshed, and ready to conquer the day as we do?!  Cheers!

    Donna's Gym Bag: Ski Trip Edition

    Donna Browning, our Founder and Creative Director, is back for more fun tips and tricks! This month's list of must-haves is inspired by her recent family ski trip to Vail, where she, her husband Doug (also our CEO!), and their kids Belinda, Blake, and Brock had a great time staying active together on the slopes. Browse her list, and scroll below for links to snag these finds for yourself!   Donna's-Favs_Ski-Edition (1)

    1. 1. Hot Hands body warmers, $13.44/10-pack, available on Amazon.
    2. 2. Ultima Replenisher, $16.19/30-pack, available on Amazon.
    3. 3. COOLA Liplux SPF 30 Balm,  $12.00, available at
    4. 4. Flask, courtesy of our friends at Windsor Circle!
    5. 5. GoPro Hero, $129.99, available at (and kept secure on the wrist thanks to Sweaty Bands Keychains!)
    6. 6. Oakley Goggles, $130.00, similar style here (and grab your 5/8" West Collection Sweaty Bands too!)
    7. 7. Burton Ski Jacket, similar style on sale here.

    Training for a marathon in the winter? Our pro shares her tips and tricks!

    Hey there! I’m Colleen, a Sweaty Bands accountant by day and a marathon runner by night (or sometimes by morning depending on when I get my run in for the day!) I qualified for the Boston Marathon in October of 2013 and am excited to run it for the first time this April. Although I have run three marathons prior to this upcoming Boston, each of those has taken place in the fall – meaning training during the heat of the summer. Since the Boston Marathon is a spring race, a huge chunk of my training has taken place (and will continue to take place) in these bitter winter months. I’m deep into the training cycle right now, and want to provide some tips to those of you who struggle with the cold…I know I certainly do sometimes! You have two options when it comes to winter running: brave the elements outside or stay warm on a treadmill. So far, I’ve found that my training has been about 50/50 indoors vs. outdoors. Some days I don’t have the courage to brave the cold conditions, but other days the fight against boredom on the treadmill seems more daunting. If you decide to run on the treadmill (or Mother Nature forces you to!), my top suggestion is to have the best playlist you’ve ever created at your disposal – i.e., songs that you know will get you pumped up and keep you on the move. I like to use my music to determine my workout on the treadmill. I’ll pick a slower warm-up speed to start with and then increase my pace or incline with every song change. Another strategy I use to help pass the time on the treadmill is to use a towel to cover up the dashboard after I set my initial speed. This prevents me from spending the entire time watching the time and distance slowly creep up. There isn’t much that goes by more slowly than a minute spent on the treadmill. And luckily, most gyms have TVs in front of them that you can divert your attention to. Even if I’m listening to music, I enjoy reading the news headlines and closed captioning scrolling across the screens. However, if you do choose to venture outside, running in the cold temperatures is all about layering and having the right gear. A fleece-lined shirt with a moisture-wicking base layer is what I have found works best for me, especially with one of the shirts having a higher neckline to leave as little exposed skin as possible. I occasionally will wear 2 pairs of socks, as well as a pair or 2 of gloves. There is nothing worse than running with a feeling of numbness in your fingers or toes! Besides just clothing, there are a few other items that are worth your investment for winter running. Most importantly, with the shortened hours of daylight, you will need reflective gear or blinking lights to attach to your clothes so you are visible to cars. I personally do not have a headlamp, but I know a lot of runners who love them to help see the ground in front of them as they run in the dark, as well as stay visible. Instead, I typically reach for our Sweaty Bands Reflective Runner headbands to stay safe, which not only work to keep my hair back but also produce a great reflective glare! Those are just some of the tips and tricks I’ve come to learn through my years of running – I hope you find them helpful! Happy running and stay warm!

    Bethanie Mattek-Sands Wins the Australian Open in Sweaty Bands!

    We first met women's tennis star (and Sweaty Bands fanatic) Bethanie Mattek-Sands years ago at the Cincinnati Western & Southern Open, and have followed her career ever since. After struggling with injury for the past few seasons, we were thrilled to see her take the Australian Open women's doubles title with partner Lucie Safarova this weekend! She is always a badass, but has taken it to the next level by winning it all despite never having played OR practiced with Safarova before the tournament. Who needs practice anyway?! Watch their interview and read more about our favorite tennis superstar's big win below!

    (p.s. wanna steal her look? Shop Colorwash in Purple here.)

    American Fitness Magazine Feature: January 2015

    A few months ago, writer and fitness professional Lucia Viti reached out to us interested in doing a piece on the Sweaty Bands brand. We were of course thrilled, and are now even more thrilled to see our unique story in the pages of this month's edition of American Fitness Magazine! Read the full article below, or pick up your very own copy on newsstands now!  American Fitness Magazine Sweaty Bands Press Review  



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