Are you the Yin to my Yang?!

What is the meaning of Yin yang? Have you always wondered but never had more than a basic curiosity? Well this is your chance to gain some serious knowledge in a bite sized nugget! I found this graphic on Pinterest and wanted to share. Print To dive a bit deeper Yin and Yang are age old principles of Chinese philosophy. They work together creating harmony and balance. Yin and Yang are complementary opposites such as; *moon and sun *negative and positive *female and male *night and day *cold and hot Yin is seen as dark passive and feminine. Yang is light, active and feminine. When I first started sewing Sweaty Bands I actually designed our first logo in the spirit of Yin Yang. Yin Yang Sweaty Ball The S filled up the entire circle and the drops of sweat replaced the circular shapes inside Yin and Yang. Over the years we needed to morph the logo to what it is today but I still see it. It makes me happy! As normal people we are always seeking light but the darkness creeps in. Yin and Yang will always remind me to seek a life in balance! Yin Yang_for Blog Xx, Donna
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