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    SweatyBands — Fashion

    Simplify Your Life Week

    The first week in August has been designated “Simplify Your Life Week.” We have all heard of Spring Cleaning but this is a new spin on that idea. We think getting organized in the last hurrah of summer is the perfect time and we want to HELP YOU!! We developed this daily to-do checklist for you to download (FOR FREE) because we love you and want to help you get your sh*t together! Use it as a tool to keep yourself on task so you can accomplish each of the 7 daily steps listed below. Wouldn’t it feel great if one week from today you knocked some of the clutter out of your space and out of your mind! Let’s eliminate things that are bogging us down and keeping us from enjoying life! Sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed in a space I make a deal with myself. I make myself get rid of 10 items. So simple and a step in the right direction! Here are some ideas based on the Konmari method. Day 1. Donate clothing, shoes, bags that don’t bring you joy and properly fold what remains. Day 2. Make room by your entryway for everyday essentials. Day 3. Rid your desk and office of old papers and books. Day 4. Clear shelves in living space of items you rarely use. Day 5. Pare down your bathroom vanity to the essentials. Day 6. Declutter and refold the items in your linen closet Day 7. Organize your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Now just exhale and feel how wonderful it would feel to have everything on this list checked off!! XX, Donna DoIt-02 Download check list here!

    Introducing: Sweaty Bands + Yukon Hammocks!

    From the President of Yukon Outfitters: Ask anyone at Sweaty Bands and you'll quickly learn about their respect for makers who build solid, quality products. Ask anyone at Yukon Outfitters and they will tell you about their fierce appreciation for good design. Today's product collaboration spotlight is about the story of how two companies worked together for today's unofficial outdoor holiday – National Hammock Day. "It all began with a simple phone call to the Sweaty folks back in the spring regarding our appreciation of their solid designs for their headbands." Says Preston Powell, President of Yukon Outfitters. "Being a category leader in fitness headware for the better part of the last decade is due in large part to their focus on innovative patterns and designs on their headbands. It was a no-brainer to ask if we could collaborate by making a super strong, lightweight hammock that was printed with unique Sweaty Bands designs". But would a hammock with a Sweaty print work? Until today, the majority of hammock offerings you see out there are in solid colors. But we're expecting these styles to be a hit. "We've been friends with the Yukon guys for a while now and I loved the idea of collaborating on a hammock." says Doug Browning, CEO of Sweaty Bands. "If this was something that we were going to do, we definitely wanted to be working with a company that was making their product here in America, with a solid track record in this product category." Donna Browning, Founder and Creative Director of Sweaty Bands was also on board; "Our customers have come to expect our brand to innovate and deliver exceptional products. Hammocks are a natural expansion and the perfect canvas for our headband designs and colors. So many of us have hammocks now, but now they can be as beautiful as a something you would want to wear." The hammock industry has grown tremendously over the last several years and doesn't show signs of slowing down. It's exciting to see how two different brands can come together and deliver quality product with an innovative design. The Sweaty Bands / Yukon Outfitters hammock currently comes in 2 designs: 1. "Home of the Brave" - A patriotic design featuring the red, white and blue. 2. "Psychedelic" - A multi-colored, hand-drawn tie-dyed design featuring the best of ROYGBIV. Each hammock includes: 1 pair of Yukon Outfitters Tree Straps – 10' each in length 1 pair of Yukon Outfitters carabiners Hammock dimensions: 118" long x 60" wide Individual hammock weight: 11oz Gathered End Construction: Double bar tacked X box webbing stitch Weight capacity: 400lbs Fun Rating: Off the charts! Hammock_SM2 Hammock_SM_Psychedelic

    Hello, Summer Hydration!

    Obvi, we had to make some amazing drinks to match our newest batch of Sweaty Bands! These are all simple ideas to keep your insides moving, your skin clear and your body super hydrated. RISE N’ SHINE Recipe inspired by our Sweaty Band, “Lemonade” Uh yep, we had to borrow the name from our gal pal Beyoncé but we kicked this drink up a notch. You have likely already been guzzling this drink first thing every morning as directed by…well just about everyone who knows anything! But, if you haven’t, now is your chance to try it. Blog - Fruit Kitsch_FA (1) MID-DAY NOMS Recipe inspired by our Sweaty Band, “Pineapple of my Eye” This one is for all the green smoothie lovers out there! Jam these ingredients into your blender and enjoy. Blog - Fruit Kitsch_FA2 (1) POST-WORKOUT HYDRATION Recipe inspired by our Sweaty Band, “Melonhead” You’re going to love this drink! It’s super hydrating and WAY better for you than a sugary Gatorade? This is also a great summer juice drink for all those watermelon-loving kiddos out there! And oh-so-easy! Blog - Fruit Kitsch_FA3 (1) Blog - Fruit Kitsch_FA4 (1)

    How to incorporate a Sweaty Band with your Halloween Costume!

    Halloween is right around the corner! You usually only wear your costume once, maybe twice if you are lucky! But if you incorporate a Sweaty Band into your Halloween costume you could wear it all year round! We have listed a couple different ideas with different Sweaty Bands: Hippie: Daisy Chain or Peace Out Snow White: Bowtique Viva Diva Red Flo from Progressive: Wicked Exclusive Turquoise Renaissance Lady: Your Highness Gold, Gold Powerpuff Girl (Blossom): Red Bow-tique or get all your 2 of your gal pal's and be one of each Powerpuff Girl! Great Gatsby: Floral Frenzy Tinkerbell: Green Viva Diva German Beer Girl or Swiss Girl: 99 Bottles of Beer Flapper: Eye Candy White Cinderella: Wicked Exclusive Turquoise American Beauty Super Hero: Star Spangled Flag or Electric Blue Eye Candy Padmé Amidala: Complex Red Queen Amidela Minion: Eye Candy Daffodil Cheshire the Cat: Mad Cat Super Mario's Peach: Crown Me Pink Leprechaun: Viva Diva Green or Chevron Slide with a cute hat add on! Honestly, the options are endless and we could go on forever! Treat your self and remember your Halloween for years to come! Just for fun, take this quiz to see what you should be for Halloween:



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