Simplify Your Life Week

The first week in August has been designated “Simplify Your Life Week.” We have all heard of Spring Cleaning but this is a new spin on that idea. We think getting organized in the last hurrah of summer is the perfect time and we want to HELP YOU!! We developed this daily to-do checklist for you to download (FOR FREE) because we love you and want to help you get your sh*t together! Use it as a tool to keep yourself on task so you can accomplish each of the 7 daily steps listed below. Wouldn’t it feel great if one week from today you knocked some of the clutter out of your space and out of your mind! Let’s eliminate things that are bogging us down and keeping us from enjoying life! Sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed in a space I make a deal with myself. I make myself get rid of 10 items. So simple and a step in the right direction! Here are some ideas based on the Konmari method. Day 1. Donate clothing, shoes, bags that don’t bring you joy and properly fold what remains. Day 2. Make room by your entryway for everyday essentials. Day 3. Rid your desk and office of old papers and books. Day 4. Clear shelves in living space of items you rarely use. Day 5. Pare down your bathroom vanity to the essentials. Day 6. Declutter and refold the items in your linen closet Day 7. Organize your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Now just exhale and feel how wonderful it would feel to have everything on this list checked off!! XX, Donna DoIt-02 Download check list here!
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