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    SweatyBands — Fashion

    Run this BEE-tch!

    Fall is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited! #SweaterWeather, crunchy leaves, pumpkin everything, but most importantly it's race season! #ItsFallYall For the second year in a row, we are “The Official Headband of the Queen Bee”. If you register for the half-marathon, you will be receiving an exclusive branded Queen Bee half marathon Sweaty Band! Talk about motivation to run a Half-Marathon! We will be at the expo all day Friday Oct. 9th for anyone who would like to stop by! Speaking of the Queen Bee, one of our own Queen B's, Brittany Besl, is running! It will be her first Half Marathon, and she’s here to tell us a little more about how her experience has been leading up to the Queen Bee!

    Hi there! I’m Brittany Besl, Sweaty Bands Social Media Manager and Business Development Representative. I've always seen running as a sport where only the best of the best competed. They had to have long lean legs, a killer physique, and well didn’t look anything like me. (Hint: I’m five foot nothing.) So the whole idea of "running" never really crossed my mind. My journey of setting my goal to run a Half Marathon started my first week of working at Sweaty Bands. While working different Half Marathons and Marathons across the country, I had so many people ask me if I had ever ran a race before. I always would say that I wasn't much of a runner and talk about different work out classes that I would attend. Little did I know, anyone is capable of being a runner. I was overwhelmed with every woman’s goals, dreams, and aspirations after I told them I was not much of a runner and how they got started with running. Event after event I started to feel like a cheesy old car sales man, talking about how great Sweaty Bands were to run in even though I still hadn't ran an actual race before. Finally, every customer's stories and goals inspired me to at least sign up for a Half Marathon. I decided on the Queen Bee. One because it was April and the event wasn't until October and two Beyonce, duh. At first, I didn’t tell anyone I signed up for the Queen Bee. I was too nervous to admit that I actually committed to running 13.1 miles (IN A ROW!) when I could barely run 3. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I grew up playing soccer my entire life, but I felt like I didn’t even really know how to run. That might sound dumb, but I’m serious. I had to reteach myself how to run. Once I told my co-workers, friends, and family a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I knew if I wasn’t going to hold myself accountable they would. I highly recommend setting goals, putting them on paper, and sharing them with all your loved ones. This doesn't even have to do with running setting goals and actually putting them on paper can go a long way! I started my training slow and steady. I added a mile each week and it was a totally manageable pace for me. I knew if I increased my mileage too quickly, I’d hate the training and give up and go back to the regular Barre, Cycling, and Pilate’s classes that I was used to. (Don’t get me wrong, it is very important to cross train and find a training plan that works best for you!) After a while there was something about running that was different than other workouts. The sense of accomplishment and pure joy I would get after completing a run was something I was not able to find in other workout classes. The first mile is and probably always will be the hardest for me. Even after my 10 mile run, last Saturday the first mile still sucked. As my running partner once told me, it's all in your head. If you think you can’t do it, you can't. If you think you can, well by golly you can! Plan your schedule out weeks in advance and commit to it! You CAN do it. If you are like me and brand new to running just take it slow and steady, you'll get there eventually! There are plenty of stories from the last couple months I could tell. Maybe, I shed a tear here and there, but what mattered is that I kept trying, and kept working towards my goal that I had so confidently (maybe, idiotically ;)) set. I run because I can. There are so many people who can’t and knowing that I was born to be able to run just keeps me going. Now go grab a running buddy (I know I’m thankful for mine!), hit the pavement, and crush your goals!
    What are your goals? What keeps you motivated?
    Thank you to everyone who inspired me to run my first Half Marathon. There are tons of you and you probably have no idea who you are, heck I don’t even know who you are, but you all ROCK! Now, let's hope I finish this thing! :) The Wanna-Bee Queen Bee: Brittany Besl Are you also running a race this fall? We will be at: 9/27: Chicago Half Marathon 10/3: Twin Cities Marathon 10/4: Hot Chocolate Denver 10/10: Queen Bee Half Marathon 10/11: Army 10-Miler and Chicago Marathon 10/17: Baltimore Running Festival 10/18: Detroit Marathon and Rock and Roll St. Louis 10/25: Marine Corps Marathon 10/31: Rock and Roll Philadelphia 11/1: NYC Marathon 11/6-11/7: Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon 11/7-11/8: Rock and Roll Savannah 11/8: Hot Chocolate Chicago and Big Sur Half Marathon 11/12-11/15: Disney Avenger Half Marathon and Rock and Roll Las Vegas 11/15: Hot Chocolate Columbus 11/20-11/22: Philadelphia Marathon 12/5: St. Jude Memphis Marathon 12/13: Hot Chocolate St. Louis
    Hope to see you getting sweaty during at least one of these races!

    Tennis is Back in Cincinnati!

    The 2015 Western & Southern Open is finally here! Some of the world’s top professional tennis players are coming to our hometown, Cincinnati! Okay, hold up. What exactly is the Western & Southern Open? We are here to answer your questions (because hello we probably have the same ones). The Western & Southern Open is an annual outdoor tennis event held in Mason, OH, exactly 30 minutes away from Sweaty Bands Headquarters! This event is one of the major tournaments leading up to the US Open and is the second largest summer tennis event in the US, talk about awesome. This year the event will be held from August 15th to August 23rd!

    FUN FACT #1: This event started on September 18th, 1899 and is the oldest tennis tournament in the United States played in its original city!
    The Western & Southern Open’s men’s portion is 1 of 9 elite Masters 1000 tournaments on the ATP World Tour. (ATP stands for The Association of Tennis Professionals). While the Western & Southern Open women’s event is 1 of 5 Premier 5 events on the WTA Tour. (WTA stands for Women’s Tennis Association). Speaking of Women tennis players, our main chick Bethanie Mattek-Sands will be in attendance! Bethanie is a Sweaty Bands lover, who we met years ago at the Western & Southern Open. This year her career has sky rocketed and we have pictures to prove it!
    Bethanie (2)
    Bethanie pictured winning the Australian Open women's doubles and the French Open with her partner, Lucie Safarova! Shop her look here!
    FUN FACT #2: One of our fulfillment employees, Mary, will be participating in the Pro-Am (Professional and Amateur) tournament on Thursday! Go Mary, go!!
    DSC_0016 (2)
    Snag Mary's Sweaty Band here! (On sale now!)
    FUN FACT #3: Sweaty Bands, as a vendor, has been in attendance since 2009! Be sure to come stop by and say hi if you'll be there this year!
    Check out this hype video from Western & Southern to get even more pumped up for the week to come!

    A Day at the W&S Open from Western & Southern Open on Vimeo.

    Upcycle Your Wedding Dress or Veil

    It’s that time of year; love is in the air! Wedding season is in full force, and with a newlywed and two engaged girls of our own here at Sweaty Bands Headquarters, we are LOVING everything wedding-related. Whether you are eagerly anticipating your big day or wedding season has you reminiscing, the excitement that surrounds the day you become a Mrs. can’t be denied! There’s the flowers, the cake, and the diamond ring, but we can all agree, other than the love between the two of you, there is nothing more stunning than the bride herself on that day! Her dress, her veil, everything is simply breathtaking. But after that wonderful day has come and gone, what becomes of that gorgeous dress, that elegant veil? Some get stored away, never to be seen again. We have the perfect solution for Sweaty Bands customers, whether you are a newlywed, or have many beautiful anniversaries under your belt, you can preserve your wedding dress or veil material on a custom Sweaty Band! Sweaty Bands customer Kayla sent in her veil to have Sweaty Bands made for herself and her bridesmaids. [Um talk about an ah-dorable gift idea!!] Not only did she look stunning on her wedding day in her beautiful lace scalloped veil, but now she can think of that special day every time she wears her custom Sweaty Band! Veil Edge Wering Veil 1

    Doesn't she look amazing?!

    Kayla: “I absolutely love the bands Sweaty Bands made for me! This was the best option for me to preserve my veil because I'm a big believer in upcycling and being resourceful. Although I also love keepsakes in memory boxes, it made perfect sense to be able to convert my veil into something I could wear too, getting the best of both worlds! Now I can feel as elated when I wear my Sweaty Bands veil as I did on my wedding day!” Kayla Veil SB
    A 1" style for the Bride turned out gorgeous.

    1.5" styles for her bridesmaids. Such a sweet way to thank your girls for being part of your big day!

    Our own Director of Business Development, Danielle, got married in December and she also wanted to preserve her special day in a unique way. Using the lace from her dress that was cut off during alterations, a custom Sweaty Band was made that will forever remind Danielle of her day and her beautiful wedding dress. Danielle&Zach-Wedding-430 Danielle&Zach-Wedding-393
    Our own Danielle looking like a princess on her special day!

    Danielle: “I have been holding onto the clippings from my wedding dress fittings wondering how I could turn them into something that will always help me remember the most special day of my life. Every time I wear this Sweaty Band, I instantly think of a moment from my wedding day- from seeing my husband for the first time in my dress, to dancing with my Dad at our reception and even my veil falling off in the middle of our ceremony! I wish I could wear my wedding dress every day to feel the way I did that day…so this Sweaty Band is the next best thing!” Bridal Veil Danielle Band - Edited
    We love the lace detail from Danielle's dress!

    Bridal Veil Danielle - Edited 2
    Now she can wear her wedding dress any time!

    Creating a custom Sweaty Band allows you to be as creative as you want to be! We strive to give you exactly what you’re envisioning with the high quality you’ve come to expect from us. With the option of using material from your veil or your dress and picking a velvet color, the sky's the limit! You can’t really wear your dress or veil again [trying it on again from time to time is totally normal though, right?], but you can wear a little piece of it every time you wear your custom Sweaty Band! We are thrilled to be able to help women hold on to a piece of that amazing experience and share the Sweaty Bands love. If you’re interested in hearing more about custom wedding Sweaty Bands, drop us a little note at customize@sweatybands.com. We’d love to make you a one of a kind creation as gorgeous as you!

    Autism Awareness Month: Two Years and Going Strong

    We always love to give back at Sweaty Bands, but Autism Awareness month has had a special meaning to us ever since we hired fulfillment staff member Jack two years ago. He is always one of our top performing employees, and brings immense amounts of joy to our office. To elaborate more on Jack's role and how we became lucky enough to have him as a coworker, his wonderful mom, Therese Wantuch, has written a guest blog post for us. We hope you take a minute read through it and consider the benefits of embracing diversity at your workplace, if you haven't already! xo, SB Our son is coming up on his second anniversary of becoming an employee of Sweaty Bands, a woman-owned business that sees the value in diversity. Finding the right fit and the right company is not easy when you have autism, but it can be done with tenacity and finding the right company to take a chance. Sweaty Bands has been a great employer and supporter of autism causes. Not only do they donate to Autism Speaks, they hired a person with autism, which is not just putting lip service to the cause. The Sweaty Band headquarters is less than three miles from our home and so when we started on the job search for Jack, who happens to have high functioning autism/Asperger’s Syndrome, it was a company we knew well and had read a lot about in the local press. Our first visit to the company was foretelling. We were greeted immediately and things were buzzing at the warehouse with a mission. The staff was very nice to us and there was no “alarm” we had felt when we visited other employers when Jack mentioned he had autism and had worked at an amusement park for six summers prior to looking for this job. The supervisor we met with immediately said they would be happy to consider Jack and that she would talk with the owners and for us to contact them back in a week. A week later we contacted Sweaty Bands and Jack went in with his job coach for an interview. Before the interview, we went to www.sweatybands.com and had Jack look up each Sweaty Band category and we printed each section of each page. We wanted him to know the product well. We killed a few ink jets that day! The plethora of bands and styles were so vast, but Jack was getting the hang of it. People with autism usually are very good at recognizing patterns and counting has always been a strong suit for him. We wanted him to be prepared for the interview and know what the job would entail. He got the job and started a week later. He was on probation for 90 days and then became a full time employee thereafter. Two years later, he still enjoys going to work each day and the company and the employees have been very accepting of him. He is taking classes at nearby Gateway Community College to start to learn programming and Sweaty Bands has been great in letting him take time off when he needs a class during work hours. He is also a talented cello player and during the warehouse sale, Jack played cello for the employees and the customers. Thanks Sweaty Bands for taking a chance on an incredibly talented young man who is not your typical employee, but who wants to work hard and see Sweaty Bands succeed! -Therese Wantuch – one proud mother! P.S. Please help us support Autism Speaks by shopping our Charitable Cause awareness print here! (15% goes back!)



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