St. Patty's Day Detox Water

If you celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style, chances are you're feeling a little groggy and over-served this morning. No judgement here! Instead, we're going to help you out by letting you in on our favorite tool for feeling lean and clean, even after the wildest nights: our signature Detox Water! We swear by it, and are pretty sure you will too after following these (insanely easy) steps. Happy detoxing! Blod_Water_Ingredients1. STOCK UP -Mint leaves (we bought a package, but in the summer we love pulling them straight from the garden!) -1 - 2 limes -1 large cucumber -Sharp knife, juicer, and large pitcher Blog_Water_Chop12. CHOP IT LIKE IT'S HOT -Cut cucumber into fourths and chop 1/2 - 1" wide slices -Cut stems off mint and thinly dice -Halve limes Blog_Water_Add3. GET IT JUICY -Juice the lime halves then add the halves in the pitcher -Add cucumber and mint Blog_Water_Water and Stir (1)4. FILL 'ER UP -Fill your pitcher with water (we suggest using cold, filtered H2O & wearing this Motion of the Ocean Sweaty Band while you do it because we're fancy like that) -Give it a few vigorous stirs (added bonus of an arm workout here!) -Remove lime halves Blog_Water_Pour and enjoy5. ENJOY! -If you've washed out last night's pint glasses, now's the time to put them to use again! Pour in, and add ice as desired -Sit back, relax, and enjoy the full-body rejuvenation about to go down (again, feels even better when done wearing this gorgeous Sweaty Band) -Once you've finished off your glass, munch on the mint leaves and cucumbers for some added nutrition + digestive aids! ...see, wasn't that easy and delicious?! Do you feel as detoxed, refreshed, and ready to conquer the day as we do?!  Cheers!
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