From Sketches to Sweaty Bands

At Sweaty Bands, we use many different mediums to create our designs—
everything from markers to watercolor paints. Have you ever wondered how a simple sketch on paper becomes a beautiful, finished design? My name is Jordan Stevens, the Design Director here at Sweaty Bands, and I’m going to walk you through it! sketch-to-sb_blog-pics

Step One: Studio Days
After we have had an initial inspiration meeting, we take a couple of days to close our doors and play. We listen to music as we paint, draw and try out new techniques. We have created bands with nail polish, ink and milk, fingerpainting, colored pencils, pen, markers, paint, watercolors, tissue paper and of course, the good old computer. You name it—we’ve probably tried it… and if not, we want to! Step Two: Scan and Trim
Once we have a room covered in beautiful art, we begin picking what will look best on a band and we start scanning the art straight into the computer. Sometimes, for example in the case of the milk and ink, we have to photograph it to bring it into the computer. Once it’s in the computer, we use Adobe Photoshop tools to cut out the pieces that we like. Step Three: Play with Color
Once we have the content in the computer and trimmed to what we would like to work with, we can start altering the color. We can change the color completely or make it really bright and vibrant. We can make it black and white, scale it up or down, multiply it a bunch of times, rotate it, flip it and reverse it (Yes, a Missy Elliott reference—see aren’t you glad you read the blog?). Step Four: Finalize and Sample
Finally, we have art that we are super excited about and we cannot wait to see a sample of it on a Sweaty Band. We create our final print files in Adobe Illustrator and send them off to the printer. Three business days later, we receive printed artwork on what we call “top ribbon” (the part of the band that has the printed design on it). We lay them flat on the table, hold them in our hair, try them in different hair colors and ultimately pick which ones will become Sweaty Bands! Have a great idea for a Sweaty Band? Work directly with our design team to create a custom band of your own! We will send you a couple design mock-ups with your exact vision and help you narrow it down until it’s perfect. Sweaty Bands make perfect Christmas gifts… hint hint (It's never too early!). Shop the new bands pictured above here. Stay Creative (& Sweaty),
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