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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Lisa T. (Longport, NJ)
    Bought two for twin granddaughters!

    I have been wearing sweaty band for years and love them. When my active 2 1/2 yr old granddaughters go out for a morning at the playground, they can wear them too. The petite for their small size and look adorable.

    Christie S. (Northville, MI)
    Love it

    I was skeptical because no hair bands stay on my big melon, but these did. Not tight either.

    Allison E.B. (Maryville, TN)
    Matches all of my running shirts!

    I have thin, fine hair and I have never found a head band that didn't slip upward or slide off when I run. Or they just weren't cute. Then I discovered Sweaty Bands at a Marathon Expo! They are comfortable, stay put & look super cute :)

    Coryl L. (San Pablo, CA)
    They really work

    I was skeptical when my stylist recommended them to reduce breakage in my hair. I sweat heavily, and never worked out without putting my hair in a ponytail and wearing a regular sweatband. I didn’t think a Sweaty Bands alone would adequately control my awkward low-neck-length hair and absorb enough sweat to keep it off my glasses and out of my eyes. It does. I’ll be buying more.

    Jennifer S. (Boston, MA)
    There's no comparison to Sweaty Bands

    My only regret is not finding out about Sweaty Bands until a few years ago! Sweaty Bands are hands-down the best workout accessory that I own. I am a customer for life! The Love Triangle is my first 1.5 inch band and I'm a huge fan! Ordering more now!

    MACHEAL A. (St Louis, MO)

    The girls love them

    Customer (Davis, CA)

    I have very straight and slippery hair. This is the only headband I've found that won't slip and is comfortable. It catches more sweat that you'd think given it's relatively thin texture. Plus the pattern is super fun! Yay!

    Robyn (Ann Arbor, MI)

    Love these! They fit great and really help keep sweat off of my face.

    Tracie B.
    My go to treat!

    I love headbands! These are great quality and I always get compliments! These make great gifts for your workout pals.

    Amy S. (Nunica, MI)
    LOVE THEM!!!

    Oh my Gosh!!! 36 years I've been waiting to find these!! FINALLY a headband that stays on my head! I'm in love, thank you to the creator's/designer's these are truly AMAZING!!!



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