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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Martuchita (Brandon, MS)


    Allison G. (Voorhees Township, NJ)
    perfect flower power

    the perfect fun daisy headband. I have a big head and it stayed on, even worn at mid horizontal over my hair. Very happy with it!

    Lavada C. (Bryan, TX)
    happy with purchase

    This was for my 10 yr. old granddaughter and if she has to fuss with anything in her hair such as it not staying in place, she will remove it immediately. Happily, this hairband did not slip and she was happy wearing it. It's really cute too!

    Carol K. (Miami, FL)
    Love it!

    Several years ago my husband bought me the daisy headband as a gift. I was heart broken when I lost it 3 years ago. I’ve been looking for it on Amazon and finally realized I should go to the seller directly. I was so excited and happy when I saw you still had the daisy headband!

    Nicole B. (Powell, OH)
    Daisy Band

    Love the fit and style!

    Karen C. (Naples, FL)
    So cute

    Beautiful headband!!!

    Bridgette C. (Milltown, NJ)
    Daisy chain

    I love this sweaty band it’s one of my favorites

    Rachel T. (Kansas City, MO)
    Great for workouts and dressing up

    This headband stays on my head while working out, and looks cute when I head to class or to work.

    Cindra K. (Basking Ridge, NJ)
    Daisy Chain

    This is the second time I have purchased this awesome product!

    KD (Mexico City, CMX)
    Best headband in the whole world

    This yellow daisy chain headband is my favorite headband. It is sweet but not too childish, very functional, and SO pretty! This comes with me on all travels because I can easily wear it for non-workout and workout, alike. I gently wash and air dry my Sweaty Bands, and they have all held up very well. I got bangs that I didn't love, and Sweaty Bands, in general, have made me love my long hair again, even through a grow-out process. I wash my hair about every other day or third day, and I can pop a headband on and feel put together in any situation! It is weird in a dress-up situation to tell someone "this headband is by Sweaty Bands," *insert cringe* but I understand why they were named that for their original workout function...in my head, I prefer to call them "Sweetie Bands" ;)



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