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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 119 reviews
    Katherine A. (Phillips, WI)
    buttons help with masks

    I love Sweaty Bands and wear them for running, working out, and roller derby. Our roller derby practices require masks for the foreseeable future and I have a great, comfy setup with a nice KF94 and a plastic brace…and then they started bugging my ears. (I ran almost an entire marathon in them but I guess maybe something with the helmet adding tension is making the elastics bug me well before a 2-hr practice is over.) The buttons let me loop the mask up off my ears and have helped immensely. My masks for this are XL so they can handle being pulled farther back.

    Brittany (St. Petersburg, FL)

    Looks cute. Keeps my hair out of my eyes and my mask in place. It would be nice if the buttons were down just a bit farther, but it's minor. I love them.

    Susan M. (Rockville, MD)

    I work in the health system but have to wear business casual outfits and it goes with a lot of things I wear. It is also very comfortable as well.

    Chelsea S. (Queens, NY)

    Buttons | Viva Diva | Aqua | 1 Inch

    Chelsea S. (New York, NY)

    Buttons | Viva Diva | Light Pink | 1 Inch

    Stephanie P. (Milwaukee, WI)

    Buttons | Moroccan My World | Black | 1 Inch

    Nicole (Ingleside, IL)

    Buttons | Moroccan My World | Black | 1 Inch

    Kettlebell E. (Chicago, IL)
    Really stays in place!

    And the buttons for holding a mask are so good! This is the best workout headband I've ever tried. It looks cute, too.

    GF (Oregon, WI)
    Stays put!

    I've worn my Sweaty Bands now twice. Once for working out and once when I was training my dogs as we played the sport of agility. I love that it does not move! I don't have super thick hair and I always had problems with the elastic by the nape of my neck moving, up, up, up. Not this headband! The buttons are in a great place to use for hooking my mask onto. As an RN in a busy ICU, this headband is going to be a life and ear saver for me.

    Scorpion E. (Amsterdam, NY)
    Love them!

    Seriously, these sweaty bands with buttons are life and ear savers for when you work 10hr shifts. They're cute as an accessory as well. I love these.



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