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    SweatyBands — Lifestyle

    The A to Z of Sweaty Bands

    Sweaty Bands from A to Z A: Awareness Bands We have an entire collection to raise awareness. You can help raise awareness and support a great cause with our Charitable Contribution styles! 15% of every sale goes back to the nonprofit organization listed in each product description. B: Browning Meet Donna and Doug Browning! They are both the heart and soul of Sweaty Bands! It all started when Donna Browning needed a headband that could hold up to her grueling workouts and busy working mom lifestyle—so she made one. Loving her hand-sewn finished product, she realized her headbands had what it took to become a global business—so she made that happen, too. Through late nights sewing in her basement, and weekends spent traveling to eCommerce seminars and fitness expos, Donna built a cult following for Sweaty Bands, and grew the business from a basement operation to the 30,000 square foot warehouse we operate out of today. C: Customization One of the many amazing things about Sweaty Bands is the fact that you can put almost anything you could imagine on a Sweaty Band! Click the link above to get started on your custom band! D: Disney Official Merchandise We are thrilled to be partnered with Disney for all of their races. If you are lucky enough to get to an expo early enough you can buy one of our custom Official Disney bands in their booth! E: Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year After receiving a nomination from numerous outside parties and undergoing rounds of interview, Donna Browning ultimately won her category of Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year for the Cincinnati Region at the June 2013 Awards Banquet. F: Focused, fierce, fresh, fun. We hold our values near and dear to our hearts at Sweaty Bands. We believe that these values shape strong, passionate, women and strong, passionate women are unstoppable. G: Girls on the Run Girls on the Run is one of many organizations that Sweaty Bands is proud to have a partnership with. Whether it's running a mile or running a board room, girls can run the world if we empower them to follow their dreams. Sweaty Bands is proud to participate in both large and small-scale charitable contribution opportunities, ranging from donating product to local fundraisers to creating custom-designed styles for national philanthropic organizations. Your organization could be the next to benefit from a partnership with Sweaty Bands! H: Hand-sewn All Sweaty Bands are sewn by an old school sewing machine! That's right, each Sweaty Band is hand-sewn by amazing women. Here is one of our in-house sewers, Helen! I: I Spy This vibrant ikat print is the perfect on-trend addition to any outfit. Can you find it? ;) J: Junk in the Trunk Everyone loves a lady with a little junk in the trunk, and everyone loves a Sweaty Band with elephants all over it! K: Key-chains! Not many people know that we make key-chains! If you see a design we don't have and you'd like to have it, we can create a custom key-chain for you! For anything your heart desires, on a key-chain, email customize@sweatybands.com. L: Like us on Facebook! If you haven't already, feel free to "like" us on Facebook and get all of the updates of anything and everything Sweaty Bands! M: Motion of the Ocean This colorful free-flowing print was inspired by the ocean and designed to keep you looking polished...no matter what size of boat you're on. N: Non-slip Performance Headbands "OMG, they don't slip!" We didn't create our motto, our customers did. The velvet lining in our headbands prevent your headband from slipping off during your most strenuous workouts. O: Officially Licensed Product for Real Tree, and Sororities with Affinity Consultants. P: Perspiration into inspiration Whether you are running a marathon or running after your toddlers, Sweaty Bands are the perfect accessory to keep you looking and feeling good, while staying active. Not only are Sweaty Bands designed to stay put on your head during the most strenuous and sweaty circumstances, they also come in over 800 styles to keep you looking fashionable all day long. From your morning yoga class, to afternoon errands, to a late night cocktail, the perfect Sweaty Band will compliment any outfit for any activity. Q: Queen Bee Half Marathon Sweaty Bands is the official headband of the 2015 Queen Bee Half Marathon, so bee sure to gear up in this band before you buzz through the finish line on 10.10.15! Be the Queen Bee of Cincinnati in our exclusive race print! R: Retail Locations We are in nearly 2,800 Retail Locations! Check out the link above to find a store near you! S: Sweat Seriously? Obviously S is going to stand for SWEAT. We believe in sweating at least once a day. Good things come to those who sweat. T: Tell us your story! We love seeing how your Sweaty Band inspires you to sweat every day! Any time you Instagram, Facebook, or Tweet while wearing a Sweaty Band be sure to use #SweatyBands U: USA USA, USA, Sweaty Bands are proudly made in the USA. V: Viva Diva We have to give a shout out to one of our most popular styles, ever. The Viva Diva shines bright like a diamond through even the most intense workouts and late night dance parties. All Viva Divas feature a durable, sparkly ribbon that will stand up to wear and washes without shedding or losing shine, so you can keep sparkling on mile after mile. W: Wow! Magazine Sweaty Bands was featured in The Oprah Magazine 50 things that will make you say WOW! Sweaty Bands was number 27 on this list! Woot, woot! X: X-tra cute: Bowtique Are you looking for that extra weekend sparkle?! We have exactly that in our Chic collection to take you from boot camp to brunch! Y: Yoga Yoga all day, every day! Maybe not all day, but we try to incorporate yoga in our weekly routine here at Sweaty Bands! Z: Zinzinnati, also known as Cincinnati. Sweaty Bands Headquarters is located in Cincinnati, OH. If you are ever in the area feel free to come stop in our warehouse at 621 Wilmer Ave 45226. Our hours are M-TH 9-5 and Friday 9-4! Thanks for reading and see you again next week! Cheers!

    Sweating For Two

    Sweating for Two: Pregnancy Workout Tips We’re expecting! Either will do pink or blue! Well, were not all expecting, but our designer, Becca, is and we couldn’t be more excited for her and her growing family! Already a Mom to her sweet girl, Mallory, Becca knows she has to live a healthy lifestyle not just for her, but her for both her youngin’s and husband. When it comes to pregnancy priorities, working out and getting your steps in come in a distant second to kicking up your swollen feet and relaxing. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly to some of you, exercise helps fight fatigue, ensure a better night’s sleep, and improve your overall experience with your bun in the oven. I’m sure the last thing you want to do while pregnant is look for some exercises that you are allowed to do while pregnant. Take some advice from our mother to be, Becca who discovered totally doable, pregnancy fitness routines that worked for her.

    Maternity 2 - Edited
    Top 5 Exercises for Pregnancy: 1. Walking 2. Swimming 3. Low-impact aerobics 4. Dancing 5. Yoga Exercise boosts mood, improves sleep, and reduces pregnancy aches and pains. More importantly, it prepares you for childbirth by strengthening your muscles. Again, each individual is different. So, listening to your body is always the best advice any one can give! Educate yourself about the do's and don'ts, and your safety concerns will disappear. More often than not, if it feels wrong (uncomfortable, unsafe, or too challenging), it probably is. Again, listen to your body. Some basic rules that Becca suggests: Don't go breathless (always be able to talk out loud), avoid twisting, and stop doing crunches right away (some people say you can still do crunches up to 20 weeks, but we like to keep it safe). During this pregnancy Becca was able to participate in The All Star Color Run/Walk. Another thing that Becca has found helpful during her pregnancy is her FitBit! There actually is a pregnancy mode on FitBits, how amazing is that!? You can go into your Personal Settings and denote which trimester you are in. FitBit’s pregnancy mode affects your estimated caloric counts and changes the way your tracker process your data! Technology these days, crazy! Becca consistently uses her FitBit to monitor her sleeping patterns. Her FitBit tracks how much she sleeps and how much time she spends awake and/or restless each night. After a poor night of sleep, she can go back through her day and figure out what she did, what she ate, and all the little things in between to make sure her nights are as peaceful as they can be. FitBit can monitor your heart rate, too! This is amazing for pregnant mamas. This allows you to always able to see when your heart rate is in the zone or if you are working out too hard and need to back off a little. Prenatal fitness is becoming more important and visible. No longer is it a sentence for a sedentary lifestyle. That being said, each woman is different when it comes to exercising while pregnant, depending on preexisting conditions, health risks, and exercise history. For all our Sweaty Mamas out there: Did you continue to work out during you pregnancy?! If so, let us know how you were able to keep sweaty!? Check out our Pinterest board Sweaty Mama to get some more tips on staying healthy while prego! *Disclaimer: If pregnant, always consult a physician before starting any exercise program BONUS: If anyone would like to guess boy, girl, how many lbs, or when Becca will have her baby, feel free to comment and we will keep you posted!

    Behind the Seams: Bride Edition

    Our core values here at Sweaty Bands are to be focused, fierce, fresh and fun.
    Focused: We believe that dedication and confidence lead to personal bests.
    Fierce: We believe that strong, passionate women are UNSTOPPABLE!
    Fresh: We believe adventures inspire innovation.
    Fun: We believe in celebrating the journey.
    To embody each and every one of our core values we have had a Work Out Wednesday each week, this past summer. These workouts ranged from Jazzercise, where we couldn’t stop smiling with Wendy Bonomo, to Yoga with Claire Karp who teaches SUP Yoga–we are still beyond jealous–to Bootcamp with Kim Hardewig, when we did sprints outside, and many more amazing instructors who challenged us to do the best. We ended our summer workouts by celebrating the journey of two of our lovely Brides-to-Be’s and hosted a Bridal Pure Barre Shower.
    Pure Barre_1
    How many of you have been to the same old bridal shower over and over again?
    We are far from boring, here at Sweaty Bands, so we participated in a BUTT-KICKING workout class, thanks to Pure Barre Cincinnati-Oakley! We never knew our legs could shake so much!! After our class, we had a champagne toast, the brides opened presents and we hopped from the “Barre to the Bar” next door to keep celebrating!
    Pure Barre_5
    Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that we will be slacking off on our workouts! For September we are having a water challenge and workout challenge and we encourage you all to participate as well! We will be throwing it back to third grade and be giving a star to every employee who drinks 64 oz. of water or more (including the weekends!) a day. We will giving employees additional stars for every day they sweat during the challenge! Once we get through the end of the month, for every star an employee earns, their name goes into a drawing to win some BOMB prizes!!
    We encourage all woman to stick together, inspire and support each other daily. It’s time that we start telling women around us how much they mean to us. We believe that strong, passionate women can do anything they put their mind to!
    Now, help us wish our smart, sassy, beautiful Brides-to-Be best of luck in their future endeavors!
    Pure Barre_8
    Kaley (left), one of our Business Development Representatives, will be getting married on September 12th, in Orlando, FL and will be the future Mrs. Babcock!
    Shelby (right), our Events Coordinator, will be getting married on October 24th, in Cincinnati, OH and will be the future Mrs. Baker!
    We love you both and wish you lots of happiness, joy and lots of memories!!
    Pure Barre_7

    Raise the Warehouse Roof!

    What’s a work day without an occasional dance party? If you’re anything like us, at Sweaty Bands, Music is KEY to any day. As Huffington Post puts it, “Music is one of the greatest ways to enter ‘mind-wandering mode,’ which can unlock creativity.” Our warehouse is known for their amazing playlists, and we didn’t want you to miss out on this fun! You probably think we have robots walking around the back of our warehouse, but in reality we have moms, high school students, and college kids shakin’ their tail feathers while fulfilling all your orders. When asking them what listening to music all day and every day means to them, we got some pretty funny responses. Some said that music puts them “in the zone” and is the “perfect distraction to get all their work accomplished!” Others said “Sweaty Bands music is why I wake up in the morning,” and “It makes me want to sweat and move." Our go-to DJ of the warehouse, Rihanna, said: “I love to see the joy and happiness that my music brings to the customers. “ To get a better feel about what goes on in the warehouse we interviewed Rihanna. Playlist

    How we describe Rihanna: Unique, quirky, and smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy Peanut Butter A song that gets you pumped up: Ignition Remix by R. Kelly Fav. Sweaty Band: Colorwash Purple or Uncharted Territory Black Multi Fav. way to get sweaty: Hot Yoga Fav. memory in the warehouse: Singing Beatles songs with Jack Fav. snack: ANY food that the moms bring (usually pretzels—they always hit the spot) Fav. life quote: Try to understand before trying to be understood
    You need a playlist to go with that Sweaty Band! Click here to listen!



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