Design a Sweaty Band Contest Winners Announced!

Have you ever thought of a great idea for a Sweaty Band? You may have even found yourself ordering a custom Sweaty Band with your very own design and personal touch.

Here in the Sweaty Bands design room we pull inspiration from all around us to create new designs that you will love. We find beauty in the friends, family and coworkers that surround us on a daily basis. We research trends in high fashion and fitness and stay up to speed on current events and global movements. We let our imaginations run wild and get lost in a world full of rich pattern, vibrant color and unique texture.

This is a portion of our inspiration board, a big part of our design process.

We love our design process here at Sweaty Bands, and we wanted to share that with our customers. During our Warehouse Sale at the end of June, we gave Sweaty shoppers an opportunity to unleash their creativity and create their own Sweaty Bands with our “Design a Sweaty Band Contest”. Throughout the sale, we also had a coloring and craft table for the kids, free drinks for our customers, a great playlist and a balloon pop at checkout for even more savings! We were ecstatic about the turnout and received a lot of great feedback from our valued customers.

Michelle Stacey bought several Realtree Sweaty Bands during our Warehouse Sale.

In addition to our amazing deals, our Sweaty Bands design contest was a big hit! We did it old school: customers used crayons, markers and colored pencils on paper templates. The response was great! We received 40 entries that week just from people stopping by and shopping with us.

After the fun week was over, we collected all of the Sweaty Band design entries and voted on them internally. Each Sweaty staff member got one vote for each division. We chose an adult winner and a kids winner. Congratulations to Tanya Perry (adult division) and Greta Tebbe (kids division) on their winning designs! Each winner received 10 free Sweaty Bands of their design.

Tanya Perry, modeling her winning design, Sedona Vacation

Tanya: “I was inspired to participate in the design contest mostly to do something fun and spend time with my 12 year old daughter. We both entered the contest with our own designs, as did my 10 year old son. I felt like I was a kid again doing an art project. I have been planning our next summer’s family vacation to Sedona, Arizona, which I think is why I gave it a Southwestern feel.”

Greta Tebbe, modeling her winning design Suki named after her dog, who is featured on the Sweaty Band she designed.

Greta:"I was inspired for my headband design from a previous art project that was a 3D mosaic. I chose the colors that I thought would look good on most people. As I was drawing I looked at our cute puppy, Suki, and decided to add her face in it. Can you spot her?"

But they’re not finished yet!! YOU will have the opportunity to purchase their winning designs from July 31st – August 31st. Each band purchased is considered 1 vote for that design. At the end of the contest, the winning designer will receive a $100 Sweaty Bands gift card! So, let the voting begin. May the odds be ever in their favor. Ready? Go!

Stay Sweaty, Sweaty Bands P.S. Stay tuned for our next Design Contest that you can participate in!
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