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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2553 reviews
    Jungle Party | Pink, Multi | 3/8 Inch
    Kori Taegel (Orlando, FL)
    Cute and Stays Put

    I love these smaller Sweat Bands!

    Wicked | Red | 3/8 Inch
    Elise Fasick (Vienna, VA)

    Wicked | Red | 3/8 Inch


    Fabulous and breathable

    Fiesta | Blue | 1 Inch
    Rebecca A Carroll (Independence, KY)

    I love it! It doesnt stick out my hair whenever I workout. It makes my hair looks nice😊 I love the color and the style!

    Brunch | Blue | 1 Inch
    Chara Chen (Durham, NC)
    Cute print!

    Perfect for those Sat morning long runs with my running group. We always have breakfast afterwards.

    Bling | Totally Tribal | Multi | 5/8 Inch
    Barbara Jackson (Bunnlevel, NC)
    Sweaty Bands-Totally Tribal

    Sweaty bands are great for my thin hair. Totally Tribal has just the right amount of bling!


    So beautiful. Not too tight. Good fit.

    Rock Solid | Navy | 1 Inch
    Joanne Underwood (Carmichael, CA)
    Perfect Navy

    Matches anything navy. I use for Zumba, yoga, etc. Never slips.

    Easy hair accessory

    Always love the great variety of colors and widths for every occasion.

    Bloominous | Olive | 1 Inch
    Rebecca A Carroll (Erlanger, KY)
    Sweaty band

    It does hold on my hair well while I workout. It keeps neat and doesn't messy. I love the color of style.

    Brunch | Blue | 1 Inch
    Cheryl Wilson

    Brunch | Blue | 1 Inch

    Simply Satin | Lime | 3/8 Inch
    Barbara Jackson (Douglas, GA)
    Cute lime Simply Satin

    I love Sweaty Bands. They stay in place and come in so many colors and designs.

    Sweaty Bands | Mystery | 5/8 Inch
    Erin Kollmann (Fort Thomas, KY)

    It’s the only headband that’s ever stayed in my hair.

    Bling | Glitterati | Navy | 1 Inch
    Cinda Haddon (Sparks, NV)

    These are soooo sparkly and pretty! I really like the 1 inch size too :)

    They're good

    Scrunchie | Bronze
    KD (Newport, RI)
    All Day Wear

    SB scrunchies are great; they "hurt my hair" less than anything else! All day hold for a messy bun

    Rock Solid | Charcoal | 5/8 Inch
    Apicelli Lisa (Bradenton Beach, FL)
    Love it!!

    Doesn’t fly off while I’m working out! That’s why I buy these!!

    Aurora borealis

    Rise and Shine goes with anything for any occasion! It is so versatile! SB customer service is also outstanding.

    Classic and lovely

    There's nothing else out there like SB bling bands! This white pearl is beautiful and classic, while also unique. SB customer service is also outstanding.

    Rock Solid | Black | 3/8 Inch
    Judy Pendas (Glenwood Springs, CO)
    The best sweat bands ever!

    I love sweaty bands. No hair escapes and nothing tickles or runs down my face or neck. So important now, more than ever, when it’s dangerous to touch your face when your hands aren’t clean and sanitized.

    Becca | Multi | 1 Inch
    Michelle (Verona, WI)
    So glad I bought multiple

    I workout almost every day and I usually pin my bangs back with bobby pins because headbands are either fabric (not made for working out, no grip, get super saturated in sweat) or athletic but with rubbery grips on the underside that snag my thin hair and get tangled up and hurt. These are fantastic -- thin enough to dry quickly and stay put in my hair, but with a velvety texture underneath that has just enough grip without snagging or getting tangled (zero hair loss when I take them off). I'm so glad I found these -- have not bothered with bobby pins even once since they arrived!

    Don’t question it BUY these headbanss

    No- they don’t slip. YES! They are worth it. Nuff said.


    I have loved all my Sweaty Bands for over a decade! I am very excited about my fruit themed ones I just got in - not to mention my champagne flutes! I can’t wait to wear my pineapples to Hawaii!

    Cheers to Sweaty Bands!!

    Bling | Pretty in Pink | 5/8 Inch
    Alexa Herold (Riverton, NJ)

    I was looking for new sweaty bands and wanted to try the bling! It is amazing and will definitely buy more! It’s great for working out or wearing to work! A must have!

    Been a fan for years



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