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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2647 reviews
    Comfortable and fashionable

    Stays on. Bright color. Live the wide width!

    Lab headband

    I like it a lot, just what I ordered.

    Bling | Bling It On | Black | 3/8 Inch
    Grace Johnson (Sarasota, FL)
    Awesome Headbands

    I finally purchased these awesome headbands that does not slip off my round head during high intensity workouts.

    Great for sport!

    My daughter is using this for dance and soccer. It is perfect for keeping the stray hairs back.

    We Support

    Love the support through the band and through the company!

    Bling | Glitterati | Black | 1 Inch
    Kelly Braga (Attleboro, MA)
    My new favorite headband

    I love this headband so much and have worn it several times since it arrived!!! It stays in place all day with just the right amount of sparkle to it!

    Cutest Sweaty Bands

    I love, love my sweaty bands! They always stay put throughout my rigorous workouts. I love them!

    I Live In These

    Great fit and very comfortable. I’m 5’9” (if it’s helpful to know) and have always bought the standard size. They don’t slip at all! I like these better than using hair goop to hold the frizzies in place. And they make doing my hair in morning super easy! I have all the different widths in other colors.

    Truth | Pink | 1.5 Inch
    Dianne DiMarco (Bloomfield, NJ)

    I love these! They really do not slip! I have 3 so far, will be adding to that. I am so happy I found Sweaty Bands!

    Viva Diva | Capri Blue | 3/8 Inch
    Michelle Young (South Burlington, VT)
    Small head & slippery hair:)

    Years ago I found the petite Sweaty Band at my local running store. I have a small head and slippery hair- trust me when I say nothing stays on my head (I’ve spent hundreds of $$$ on hair accessories and nothing stays on). The petite headband worked and now I own pretty much all of the sparkly ones:). I’m a nurse who wears mostly black- these standout and I’ve now become “Sparkles” due to my headbands. Unfor the other sizes don’t work for my head, just petite. And I usually anchor the headband with 2 Clips down on the black elastic part when my hair is in a high ponytail tail. When I wear my pigtails low on my neck I don’t need to add clips. But regardless the velour part stays put!

    Love sweatybands, and proud to be a customer

    I already knew the headbands were awesome. Nice to see a company with a moral compass

    Weekender | Fuchsia | 1 Inch
    Sarah Valentin (Olney, MD)
    Cute and comfy

    Such vibrant color and actually stays on my head.

    Bling | Pretty in Pink | 5/8 Inch
    Nancy Reif (Pooler, GA)

    Bling | Pretty in Pink | 5/8 Inch

    Buttons | Florabora | Multi | 1 Inch
    Susan Moore (Rockville, MD)

    I work in the health system but have to wear business casual outfits and it goes with a lot of things I wear. It is also very comfortable as well.

    Bloominous | Olive | 1 Inch
    Laura Lechner (Los Angeles, CA)
    Awesome product

    These are lovely, and they work perfectly holding my hair back. Keep up the good work.

    Happy bunny

    Once again I love my (Easter) sweaty band purchase. They are such a cute design, and they ship immediately! I bought this one and another bunny headband. I love them both!!!

    Cosmic | Black | 1 Inch
    Dace (Auburn Hills, MI)
    Celebrations of the Cosmos!

    This headband is amazing! It's a celebrations of the Cosmos! THANKS Sweaty Bands!
    Gift this for Christmas!

    Simply Satin | Purple | 5/8 Inch
    Elena Severinghaus (Brookline, MA)
    They stay put!

    That's all I want from a headband! Not to have to keep resetting it on my head while working out. These accomplish that goal in a way that no sticky 'non-slip' gel pads have ever done, despite their claims. These stay put and they don't give me a headache from being too tight. I have a more round/spherical than ovular head and thick curly hair (3A/B curls).

    Both pretty and functional

    Love these headbands. The designs and colors are very pretty. These aren’t just another pretty headband. They are functional as well. I work at a local retirement community sorting and delivering mail. It’s important to keep my hair out of my eyes during my job. These headbands do that in a stylish manner. Also, one headband was missing from my order. Contacted customer service, and the band was sent out immediately. Love these headbands, and I will buy more.

    Holographic | Multi | 1 Inch
    Janai Stanton (Sacramento, CA)
    Sweaty Bands

    A friend at the gym shared her love for Sweaty Bands by gifting me one. I wore it once and ordered 5 more. Don't like fly-away hair in my face or a slipping head band while I work out and Sweaty Bands takes care of both. LOVE the design choices too!!

    Bling | Top Shelf | Black, Silver | 3/4 Inch
    Tawana Weiershauser (Moline, IL)

    Bling | Top Shelf | Black, Silver | 3/4 Inch

    Great bands!

    These bands are wonderful! They don’t pinch and they stay in place.

    Rock Solid | Black | 3/8 Inch
    Elena Severinghaus (New York, NY)

    Rock Solid | Black | 3/8 Inch

    Cute and functional!

    I loved my first Sweaty Bands headband so I had to come back to get more. They're perfect for keeping my short hair off my face while running. And I love the variety of fun prints.

    Cheaper Than Therapy | Black | 1 Inch
    Brax123 (North Hills, CA)
    Love my running band

    I love my running band. It is made very well and super cute. It gives me that extra cute flair when I am exercising.



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