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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2546 reviews
    Shake Your Palm Palms | Multi | 1 Inch
    Bri Free (Ypsilanti, MI)

    Stays put, fits my *smaller* head

    Rock Solid | Hot Pink | 3/8 Inch
    Alexandra Harvey (El Cerrito, CA)

    Rock Solid | Hot Pink | 3/8 Inch

    Rock Solid | Black | 5/8 Inch
    Susan Keezer (Billerica, MA)

    Rock Solid | Black | 5/8 Inch

    Wicked | Hot Pink | 1 Inch
    Jill Donatell (Lebanon, OH)

    Wicked | Hot Pink | 1 Inch

    Read My Palm | Navy | 1 Inch
    Marie Elizabeth Rehm (San Leandro, CA)

    Love these...they don't slip.

    Untamed | Pink, Blue | 1 Inch
    Bridget B Walker (Houston, TX)
    My new loves!

    I’ve become a sweaty band addict! Love all of them! Tiniest to the widest! All great!

    Viva Diva | Aqua | 3/8 Inch
    Terri (Hampton, VA)
    Worth it!

    This was my 1st Sweaty Band purchase and I felt a little guilty paying so much for hair bands- until I got them and had the chance to wear them! They stay in place and are cute, but the biggest thing for me is that they don’t give me a headache or make my head feel like it has a vice around it. Worth it! And I’ll be buying more.

    Love it

    Love the bright summer colors of this band. The only bands I will even purchase and wear now is Sweaty Bands because they actually stay-put and don’t slide back on my head.

    Viva Diva | Black | 1 Inch
    Julie Wendover (Red Hook, NY)
    Love it!!

    Best head band EVER!! Ordering a bunch more. Stays in place during my long walks and all day long!! Comfortable, and doesn’t bunch up in the back.

    Anything is Popsicle | Blue, Multi | 1 Inch
    Denise Andersen (Casselberry, FL)
    So cute!

    Perfect for summertime. and of course always love how they don’t slip!

    Galaxy | Shimmer | Purple, Teal | 1 Inch
    Gina Giampaolo (Portland, OR)
    The only headband that has ever kept my bangs in place

    No other headband has ever kept my fine, short bangs on top of my head like these do. They work great for workouts, but also somehow stay on all night. I think the velvet makes all the difference!

    Cute and Stays Put

    I love these smaller Sweat Bands!

    Wicked | Red | 3/8 Inch
    Elise Fasick (Vienna, VA)

    Wicked | Red | 3/8 Inch


    Fabulous and breathable

    Fiesta | Blue | 1 Inch
    Rebecca A Carroll (Independence, KY)

    I love it! It doesnt stick out my hair whenever I workout. It makes my hair looks nice😊 I love the color and the style!

    Brunch | Blue | 1 Inch
    Chara Chen (Durham, NC)
    Cute print!

    Perfect for those Sat morning long runs with my running group. We always have breakfast afterwards.

    Bling | Totally Tribal | Multi | 5/8 Inch
    Barbara Jackson (Bunnlevel, NC)
    Sweaty Bands-Totally Tribal

    Sweaty bands are great for my thin hair. Totally Tribal has just the right amount of bling!


    So beautiful. Not too tight. Good fit.

    Rock Solid | Navy | 1 Inch
    Joanne Underwood (Carmichael, CA)
    Perfect Navy

    Matches anything navy. I use for Zumba, yoga, etc. Never slips.

    Easy hair accessory

    Always love the great variety of colors and widths for every occasion.

    Bloominous | Olive | 1 Inch
    Rebecca A Carroll (Erlanger, KY)
    Sweaty band

    It does hold on my hair well while I workout. It keeps neat and doesn't messy. I love the color of style.

    Brunch | Blue | 1 Inch
    Cheryl Wilson

    Brunch | Blue | 1 Inch

    Simply Satin | Lime | 3/8 Inch
    Barbara Jackson (Douglas, GA)
    Cute lime Simply Satin

    I love Sweaty Bands. They stay in place and come in so many colors and designs.

    Sweaty Bands | Mystery | 5/8 Inch
    Erin Kollmann (Fort Thomas, KY)

    It’s the only headband that’s ever stayed in my hair.



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