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Sweating for Two: Pregnancy Workout Tips We’re expecting! Either will do pink or blue! Well, were not all expecting, but our designer, Becca, is and we couldn’t be more excited for her and her growing family! Already a Mom to her sweet girl, Mallory, Becca knows she has to live a healthy lifestyle not just for her, but her for both her youngin’s and husband. When it comes to pregnancy priorities, working out and getting your steps in come in a distant second to kicking up your swollen feet and relaxing. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly to some of you, exercise helps fight fatigue, ensure a better night’s sleep, and improve your overall experience with your bun in the oven. I’m sure the last thing you want to do while pregnant is look for some exercises that you are allowed to do while pregnant. Take some advice from our mother to be, Becca who discovered totally doable, pregnancy fitness routines that worked for her.
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Top 5 Exercises for Pregnancy: 1. Walking 2. Swimming 3. Low-impact aerobics 4. Dancing 5. Yoga Exercise boosts mood, improves sleep, and reduces pregnancy aches and pains. More importantly, it prepares you for childbirth by strengthening your muscles. Again, each individual is different. So, listening to your body is always the best advice any one can give! Educate yourself about the do's and don'ts, and your safety concerns will disappear. More often than not, if it feels wrong (uncomfortable, unsafe, or too challenging), it probably is. Again, listen to your body. Some basic rules that Becca suggests: Don't go breathless (always be able to talk out loud), avoid twisting, and stop doing crunches right away (some people say you can still do crunches up to 20 weeks, but we like to keep it safe). During this pregnancy Becca was able to participate in The All Star Color Run/Walk. Another thing that Becca has found helpful during her pregnancy is her FitBit! There actually is a pregnancy mode on FitBits, how amazing is that!? You can go into your Personal Settings and denote which trimester you are in. FitBit’s pregnancy mode affects your estimated caloric counts and changes the way your tracker process your data! Technology these days, crazy! Becca consistently uses her FitBit to monitor her sleeping patterns. Her FitBit tracks how much she sleeps and how much time she spends awake and/or restless each night. After a poor night of sleep, she can go back through her day and figure out what she did, what she ate, and all the little things in between to make sure her nights are as peaceful as they can be. FitBit can monitor your heart rate, too! This is amazing for pregnant mamas. This allows you to always able to see when your heart rate is in the zone or if you are working out too hard and need to back off a little. Prenatal fitness is becoming more important and visible. No longer is it a sentence for a sedentary lifestyle. That being said, each woman is different when it comes to exercising while pregnant, depending on preexisting conditions, health risks, and exercise history. For all our Sweaty Mamas out there: Did you continue to work out during you pregnancy?! If so, let us know how you were able to keep sweaty!? Check out our Pinterest board Sweaty Mama to get some more tips on staying healthy while prego! *Disclaimer: If pregnant, always consult a physician before starting any exercise program BONUS: If anyone would like to guess boy, girl, how many lbs, or when Becca will have her baby, feel free to comment and we will keep you posted!
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I’m guessing that this one will be a boy. Great write up on Becca, keep up the great work SB!

Grant Mallory

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