As we launch the #RealSweatyWomen campaign, we couldn't think of a better way to start off the campaign than with a story from one of our customers. We have already received some incredible stories and we can not wait to see the rest of them start to roll in!! What exactly is this #RealSweatyWomen campaign about? We are paying a well-deserved recognition to women everywhere. Women of all shapes and sizes, from many diverse backgrounds, and all levels of ability. Our first #RealSweatyWomen story comes from Courtney Marques: "In early October I traveled to Baby Watoto in Gulu, Uganda with the organization Watoto. I met this baby named Gift. I learned her mother passed away while giving birth to her. It struck too close to home as I too could have been that mom, and our 3 children orphaned. Without the intervention of c-sections it could have been me and consequently, them. How blessed I am (we are) with 1st world medicine! Uganda This shot was captured and it represents the candid 2 hours I spent with baby Gift...just so happens I also had my selection of Sweaty Bands in Africa as well. Another part of my story is my journey in athleticism. As a young adult, I was always pleasantly plump....minus the pleasant. :) After delivering our third child I was pushing 210 pounds. I was unhappy with how I felt and looked. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my neck and became even more discouraged about a lifelong need for pain management. I struggled to play on the floor with our toddler aged children because of the pain and discomfort. I tried many methods to deal with the pain and then...I had an idea, maybe my weight was causing some of my health issues. So, I started moving. I started walking. And, I changed my portion sizes. Since then, I have managed to keep off more than 50lbs. I never touched a diet pill or forced meal replacement into my plan. My goal was to simply lose weight and keep it off. Through diet and exercise I can now run after our 8, 6 and 4 year old and I am no longer on a daily pain medication. We live our lives around staying active and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Courtney's transformation between December 2006 and April 2015.
I am a self proclaimed sweet-aholic. My gym time has allowed me to get stronger and given me the freedom to enjoy a little treat each day. Weight loss shouldn't be solely about denying oneself for a return investment of a pretty silhouette in the mirror. But rather, about setting a goal and living within a healthy boundary to reach it. The key word here is healthy . This means we must consume calories, healthy ones. Being active is just another part of that equation to remaining healthy. As a result, I am smaller now than I was in high school. I have maintained my new weight and become more toned as the years have passed. I've set healthy boundaries with food and exercise. My goal is to stay active for many years to come. My parents always told me, I could do anything I put my mind to. I'm here to tell you, that once I took my health serious. Nothing was going to hold me back from achieving that goal. #unstoppable" - Courtney Marques Each woman has a different reason to get sweaty. What's yours? Tell us your story by sending a video or photo to realsweatywomen@sweatybands.com or #RealSweatyWomen on social media. Don't hold back, you could be featured in our very own Sweaty Bands video!
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God has done some amazing things in you and he is just getting started! Love you Court!


What an inspiration!!


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