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design team_blog becca "Hi! My name is Becca and I've been a designer at Sweaty Bands for a bit over two years now. I co-oped at several places while at the University of Cincinnati, including Dick's Sporting Goods and Salomon Ski, before graduating with a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. I love that I have a job that encourages creativity and gives me the opportunity to focus on my health every day. It's taught me that the ability to balance home, work, and self is so vital to a healthy, happy mindset! Outside of work I love to create, travel, and spend time with my amazing hubby and daughters." jordan "Hi, my name is Jordan! I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Graphic Design. I appreciate simple, beautiful, functional design, so Sweaty Bands was a perfect fit! I also love getting sweaty and I am currently training for my third half marathon in May! I enjoy doing hot yoga and I play soccer every week. Designing at Sweaty Bands has been such a fun adventure with an amazing team and I am excited for what's to come!" meredith "Hi, I'm Meredith! I am a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati in the DAAP program for graphic design. I am currently co-oping at Sweaty Bands for this spring and fall semesters. Sweaty Bands has allowed me to combine my love for working out and designing. I like to stay sweaty by running outside!" DSC_0358_e_sm We pull inspiration from many sources! DSC_0145_sm (1) Our yearly calendar made out of Sweaty Bands shows an annual picture of all our new releases! DSC_0265_e_sm We have weekly design reviews where we pin up and review potential new designs. DSC_0132_e_sm
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