Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hello, Saint Patrick's Day! We can't believe that we are already half way through March! We decided to gather up a cute little Saint Patrick's day treat so you can make one tomorrow! It is one of the simplest and (of course) healthiest meals out there for Saint Patrick's Day! cucumber To make these Leprechaun Hats you will need: Cucumbers Yellow Bell pepper White Cheese (We used Provolone) Honey Small square cutter 1. Take your cucumber and cut one inch cylinders. One cylinder will make two hats. 2. Stand your cucumber cylinders straight up and cut down the middle. Lay them flat, cut side down. Those will be the tops of your Leprechaun hats. 3. With the rest of your cucumber cut some cucumber sticks, slightly larger than your cylinders. Those will be the lip of your hats. (cut a cucumber cylinder larger than your top hat cylinders. Cut those in half, and then cut to make cucumber sticks). 4. With your small square cutter cut a few few squares out of yellow bell pepper. 5. With a knife cut some strips of cheese. 6. Assemble the hats: You need half a cucumber cylinder, one cucumber stick, one yellow bell pepper square and one piece of cheese. This is where the honey comes into play! If you would like you can use a little bit of honey to keel the cheese and bell pepper together! And there you go!! Festive as can be!
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