Five Minutes with Donna!

1. Tell us briefly about how Sweaty Bands started. Sweaty Bands was born out of pure frustration! While teaching class one morning my headband once again slipped off the back of my head. I couldn't take it any longer. I borrowed a sewing machine and headed to the fabric store for supplies. I sat down at my kitchen table and Sweaty Bands were born!! I started wearing them to teach my classes and my students wanted them! I was creating quite a scene selling them right out of my gym bag. I knew I was onto something! 2. What was the most exciting and most surprising thing about starting a business? Without a doubt the most exciting thing was watching people try one on for the first time! EVERYONE said "OMG...they don't slip!!" so that became our tagline. People were in disbelief that they actually held true to the non-slip promise! 3. What was your biggest difficulty or learning curve? Building the website was the most difficult challenge for me. I have zero technical skills but was determined to learn. I paid a friend a couple hundred dollars to teach me how to build my first website. It looked pretty bad but I had a sale the first day it was launched!! 4. Tell us about a fun place you've been to while selling Sweaty Bands. We have been to so many beautiful cities to sell Sweaty Bands. Manhattan Beach, CA was our first stop so it will always hold a very near and dear spot in my heart. Charleston, SC is so charming; I stayed at the cutest little B&B. The Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX is a very fun place. I also enjoyed New Orleans and Las Vegas... but my favorite city of all is my hometown of Cincinnati, OH! Quote - Donna Interview 5. Name your top three favorite Sweaty Bands at this moment. My top 3 Sweaty Bands are all new releases: Gypsy Girl, In Disguise and In Living Color. Overall, my most-loved style is Wicked! Anytime I have leggings or a tank with a busy pattern I reach for my Wickeds. 6. What are you most looking forward to in Sweaty Bands' immediate future? Soooooo looking forward to the launch of our new product, BE! It has received rave reviews from customers during our test launch and we hope you love it as much as we do. We also have a few other surprises up our sleeves for the near future... Stay tuned! 7. What is some advice you'd pass on to others trying to start their own business? You can do it! If you have a product or service that you truly believe in you will become unstoppable. Nothing can get in the way of a determined woman (or man)!! Xx, Donna
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