Drop it like a SQUAT!

November Squat Challenge Your BEST booty in 30 days! Ever since J. Lo when have we not envied having a booty?! We've got the low down about getting the best booty in town, and it includes getting low! ;) Puns never get old. We are going to have our best November and do a 30 Day Squat Challenge to get our BEST booty. We are inviting all of you to participate with us! When you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, squat. Download our PDF, print it out, and hang it everywhere! YOU GOT THIS, GIRL! Use this image as your phone lock screen: Squat Challenge_iPhone Screen Not sure you are doing a perfect squat? Watch this video to make sure! Now, DROP IT LIKE A SQUAT!! Here's to an amazing November!
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