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    At Sweaty Bands, we pride ourselves on being a brand for REAL women, a brand for ALL women. We use REAL people as our fitness models. We use women of all shapes and sizes, colors and fitness levels. We believe in empowering women – one drop of sweat at a time. Keep on reading to learn about how you can become a Sweaty Bands model too!

    All the Deets

      • Fitness modeling in your own fitness attire and sometimes casual/athleisure clothing as well.

      • You will meet us at photoshoots at various locations around town, both inside and out.

      • We don’t do any hair or make-up. We may tell you what to bring or certain colors to wear. Please wear make-up, especially around the eye area as it makes them pop in photos better. But keep it natural-looking

      • On some shoots, we would like to have you just after a good sweat or possibly during a workout. It sounds gross, but it makes for great photography

      • A photoshoot is typically about 60 minutes.

      • You receive 2 free Sweaty Bands/items per shoot.

      • You receive 50% pricing to purchase any products for yourself or for gifts for 30 days following each shoot.

      • You are paid $50 per hour.

      • We ask you to sign a waiver allowing us to use your image for marketing purposes.

      • We may feature a photo and short bio of you on this page!



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