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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    J. (Cincinnati, OH)
    Mother’s Day gift

    Bought for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift, she loves it lol

    Jennifer (Cincinnati, OH)
    Mother’s Day gift

    Bought for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift, she loves it lol

    Jenn E. (Odessa, FL)
    Super Cute Band!

    Been wearing Sweaty Bands to run for years, they are the only headband that does not slip! I purchased this adorable style for the Wine and Dine 1/2 and it's PERFECT! Can't wait to wear it!

    Rhonda Z. (Atlanta, GA)
    Wine and Dine Hopeful

    I bought this Sweaty Band in hopes of wearing it at the Disney Wine and Dine Run Weekend. Hopefully I will get to do just that and not just wear this super comfy and sturdy band around the neighborhood where my neighbors are starting to think I have become a lush during quarantining.

    Laura (Fitchburg, MA)

    I love the message on this Sweaty Band! Of course it doesn't Slide or rip your hair out either!

    Kim W. (Canton, MI)
    Great Gift

    Bought as a gift for a friend who loves running and wine. She loves this Sweaty Band too!

    Debra B. (Wilmington, DE)

    Will Run For Wine Purple, Multi

    Swimmer t.R. (Fairborn, OH)
    Sharing hobbies, beverage choices and hair accessories with my sisters.

    I always buy 3 of each headband I love from Sweaty Bands for one for myself, one for my sister and one for our bonus sister (my brother's long-term girlfriend). We all share an enjoyment of running/working out and wine so this headband was the perfect to add to our matching collections. They both love these products! I struggle a bit with them because I have a round head and fine hair, so most headbands tend to slip on me. HOWEVER, I love the look of Sweaty Bands, so I tend to buy them anyway despite my headband struggles.

    Thanks for the awesome review!! Make sure you experiment with different widths or lengths to make sure you have the PERFECT fit :) Also make sure all Sweaty Bands are worn right at the hair line, that's where they sit best! Love that you share our products with family, so fun! -Sarah



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