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    Michelle Y. (South Burlington, VT)
    Small head & slippery hair:)

    Years ago I found the petite Sweaty Band at my local running store. I have a small head and slippery hair- trust me when I say nothing stays on my head (I’ve spent hundreds of $$$ on hair accessories and nothing stays on). The petite headband worked and now I own pretty much all of the sparkly ones:). I’m a nurse who wears mostly black- these standout and I’ve now become “Sparkles” due to my headbands. Unfor the other sizes don’t work for my head, just petite. And I usually anchor the headband with 2 Clips down on the black elastic part when my hair is in a high ponytail tail. When I wear my pigtails low on my neck I don’t need to add clips. But regardless the velour part stays put!

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