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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Molly P. (Salem, OR)
    Excellent headband!

    I love these headbands. They stay put. They last forever- I have one that is just now starting to come apart that I purchased in 2011! They are very absorbent. They work for everything- hikes, runs, yard work, and hot flashes too. If you get sweaty while being active, this will keep it from dripping into your eyes.

    Dianne D. (Bloomfield, NJ)

    I love these! They really do not slip! I have 3 so far, will be adding to that. I am so happy I found Sweaty Bands!

    Elizabeth M. (Saint John, IN)
    Great band

    I’ve got some bangs, so this helps, though doesn’t keep the bangs/face framing layers back completely. I love the wider width since it helps with the bang issue. This is my third one - I love these. Wish they were machine washable, but I just wash in the shower and hang dry. Even the skinner width ones do a great job, I just prefer the wider width.

    Sara (Tallahassee, FL)

    As a photographer, nothing is more annoying than hair and sweat getting in my eyes during a session. I have tried everything! I saw Sweaty Bands referenced on a message board about how to keep hair bands on your head. Well, I ordered and couldn't be happier! They stay put and look cute too!!! I am odering more! Thank you!!

    Dawn L. (Charlotte, NC)
    Love These!

    I have always been a fan of these, but was a while since I added to my collection! Love the bright colors and always a fan of the 1.5” width!

    Dee07 (Cleveland, OH)
    The. Best. Ever!

    Was very skeptical on the band staying in place. Totally in love with them. Have already placed another order for more

    Judy P. (Glenwood Springs, CO)
    The best head band!

    I am a massage therapist and esthetician with long hair that I wear up every day. This headband keeps all the fine, wispy, shorter hairs off my face and neck. This head band doesn’t budge. It absolutely stays put and doesn’t slide around on my head or slip on my hair, no matter what position I’m in or how much I’m moving or sweating. I’ve just returned to work as COVID restrictions are lifting and had honestly been worried about my hair escaping my hair tie, as it generally does, tickling my face while working. I have a propensity to use the backs of my hands or forearms to brush it away. I am so happy to report that not one single hair has escaped or caused me a moment’s worry about accidentally touching my face with my contaminated hands or arms. It is also comfortable for 8 hours at a time. I have experienced no headaches or pressure points from wearing it. I just ordered 8 more, 4 with buttons for my face mask and 4 for working out. I couldn’t be happier.

    Nina (Stockton, CA)
    Perfect Pastel!

    I’ve been leaning into spring (already), and for me that means more pastels... including my gym gear. This sweaty band is the perfect complement for my whites and lights! (And the other day it lasted 5k without budging one bit on my pin straight hair. Winning!)

    Karen D. (Mechanicsville, VA)

    The extra .5 inch was just what I needed to keep my bangs from flapping around. Love this and cant wait to see more 1.5 inch options!

    Alexis F. (Chicago, IL)
    Great Color!

    I love Sweaty Bands - this one does not disappoint. So cute!



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