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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Mary (Utica, NY)
    It doesn’t move AMAZING!

    I bought these because I was sick of loose strands getting in my face during goat chores and walking dogs. Not to mention the sweat! They are perfect! I wore this one while milking goats and with all the moving/bending I do I was nervous it would slip right off. IT DIDNT. I love love love love these. I’ve worn three different ones already and have no complaints 😍🐐😍

    Dee07 (Cleveland, OH)
    Simply the best

    Hands down this is one of the best bands I’ve ever owed. No matter what kind of training I do, they stay put all day

    Karen S. (Honolulu, HI)
    Saves My Hair

    I bought my first SweatyBands to wear while scuba diving. Nothing worse than hair stuck in your mask, plus the ocean does quite the number on tangling it all up. My Sweaty Bands keep my hair under control and out of my face/mask, stayed in place while diving and once back on shore, and everyone loved the Stars and Stripes one I got at the same time! The only headband that has stayed on my head before, on land or in the water!



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