Our Motivation

Customer stories that inspire, motivate, and delight us.

"Sweaty bands have been all over the US and world with me! I work with people every day who can't run because they are too sick and this inspires me to be better, to push harder and realize the blessing I have to do this. I am also inspired by my mom who fought and beat breast cancer many years ago (the pink monkey was along the route of 26.2 with Donna which I ran for my mom). Now, I am on the quest to complete a marathon on all 7 continents! Sweaty Bands have traveled with me to 3 so far!"

Christy G.

"Sweaty bands helped take me on a 100 mile adventure through the desert:-)"

Joanne B.

"I am runner and staff biologist at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and there is not a day where I am not wearing a Sweaty Band. Whether I am feeding one of our tigers or running a marathon I am always sporting one to keep hair back as I work hard. The animals we rescue inspire me to keep going, so everyone of them has the chance to run like I do and not be kept in tiny cages in backyards like many of them were previously!"

Katie A.