Loyalty Points

Our Loyalty Points Program rewards you with cash back discounts for every purchase you make! Learn more below.


1. Register for an account here.
2. Log in each time you visit our site.
3. Shop away! Points will be automatically applied to your account.
4. Check your points balance within your Account Dashboard anytime.
5. Once you have 20 or more points, redeem them in the Payment step of checkout!


Q: How do I earn my loyalty points?

A: By logging in to your Sweaty Bands account, and buying whatever you want, whenever you want. We'll also throw some at you for other fun stuff, like creating an account (Bam! +20), special promotions (we've been known to offer up to 5x for purchases!) and more!

Q: How many points can I use per purchase?

A: The sky is the limit! We reward each customer with 1 point for every $1 in product or gift cards spent (shipping and tax are not included).

Q: What's the conversion rate?

A: 20 Points = $1.00 Off

Q: When can I use my points?

A: As soon as you've acquired 20 or more Loyalty Points, you will have the opportunity to apply your balance on the payment step of checkout. If you don't wish to use up your points on that order, simply ignore and your points will continue to grow!

Q: How do I check my points balance?

A: Within your Account Dashboard, select the "Loyalty Points" tab. This will show you your balance, and all the activities that contributed to your points.

Q: Help! I placed an order, but my Loyalty Points haven't updated. When can I see the change?

A: Your Loyalty Points will update as soon as we capture your payment at the time of shipment. A good rule of thumb is that as soon as you receive your Shipment Confirmation email, your points will also be updated within your account! If you'd like to receive email notifications whenever your points are updated, simply select the box within your Account Dashboard.

Q: When will my points expire?

A: Never! Expiration dates are lame.