Want to tell us how much you absolutely love your Sweaty Bands?  How you can’t imagine not working out without one?  Let us know!  We love to hear it all.  This would probably be the place you leave all the negative stuff too.  But let’s be honest, we know you don’t have anything like that to say!

  • Sweaty Chick

    I've been addicted to my Sweaty Bands for over a year now and get so may compliments on them! I came back to the site to get some new colors and the one I wanted was apparently sold out. Being the persistent person that I am, I emailed to see if there was any chance you had a few lying around and you did! Your customer service is wonderful and for that I will always look no further for my workout hair accessories, and will continue to tell everyone I know!! Working in internet marketing and advertising, I know how important reviews and I wanted to make sure that I got one in! Also, kudos to your team as well, your social media efforts are fantastic! Thanks so much again, Allie

    Submitted by: "Allie, Denver, CO"

  • test

    Hi, my name is Gaylynn and I absolutely love Sweaty Bands. I was first introduced to them at an expo for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in October 2011 and I haven't run without them since. I can really appreciate the fact that they do not slip; however, everyone was surprised when they withstood a 120mph skydive free fall. When I say they stay in place no matter what I'm not exaggerating. I just had to share this with you all.

    A customer for life, 


    Submitted by: "Gaylynn, Mount Rainier, MD"

  • Sweaty Chick

    Hi Donna, I came across your booth at the Gasparilla Expo this past weekend and purchased two bands. I remember seeing an article in Fitness I believe about your bands awhile back and was pleasantly surprised to run into your booth on Saturday.I absolutely LOVE the bands I got and am very impressed with your product! I wore the first one over the weekend during a kickboxing workout and then on a jog with my dog and it did not budge! Today I’m wearing a zebra like print (brown and white) to work because it’s too cute to just wear to workout! I’ve received a lot of compliments and they are by far the most comfortable headbands I’ve ever worn. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product! I look forward to adding more to my collection soon!

    Submitted by: "Sara DeBevoise - Tampa, FL"

  • Your hair band has changed my workout forever!!! I have had to rely on horrible looking bobby pins or clips to keep my hair back during aerobics & running - NO LONGER!!! Your headband is the FIRST to not slip off the back of my head. I was starting to get a complex that I had a cone head or something. Thank you thank you thank you for this AWESOME product! I bought mine at Ga Peach Running Co. at Perimeter in Atlanta GA.


    Submitted by: "Lori Partin, Powder Springs, GA."

  • I bought my first Sweaty Band this past weekend at the Shamrock sportsfest. I have fine hair with tons of fly aways. I wore it from 6:30am to 12pm and didn't adjust it one time! The only reason I took it off was to go to an event. I LOVE THEM! I plan on ordering more to get me through the beach season! Very clever invention.

    Submitted by: "Jess Horton, Virginia Beach, VA"

  • "I was a little hesitant when I heard that "these are the best bands" and "they stay in place,” only because I have NEVER had a band that stayed without using at least a few clips. I ordered 2 Diva bands to try, and I am IN LOVE! I already wore them to a kickboxing class, a run, and a bootcamp class. The band stayed on through burpies, tons of jacks, and everything else it did! Thanks so much for making a wonderful product! I have already recommended them to my friends!" 

    Submitted by: "Mindy Miller, Memphis, TN "

  • “Yes that is me in the middle!!!! I wear Sweaty Bands all of the time while I teach my Turbokick class!!!! I am obsessed with them, as I could never find something that never moved…and now I have!!! It was always such a pain, as I have to wear something to keep my hair out of my face, and I used to have to take a minute out of my class to fix my hair and now I don't. People in my class have asked about them, so now I include them in my prizes to the people who win the challenges!!!!”

    Submitted by: "Rachel Ibbison, Norwich, Conn."

  • I have been growing my hair out for a few months and it is just long enough to get into a little ponytail. I decided to do a race with my hair up but got discouraged when I did a test run and I had a lot of flyaways and I was worried that I would be fidgeting through my race if I wore my hair up. Well, there was the Sweaty Band display at the Cherry Blossom expo and I found the most beautiful sweaty band to compliment my colorful race shirt. I was still worried about slippage but gave it a try on race morning. The sweaty band not only stayed in place, it protected my eyes from the burning sting of sweat! I am plotting my next Sweaty Band purchase right now!

    -Dana Bland, Richmond, VA.

    Submitted by: "Dana Bland, Richmond, VA"

  • Allie Ishcomer

    “I'm in LOVE. Sweaty Bands is truly an amazing product!! I was a contestant on Season 10 of the Biggest Loser, and it was with me working out 6-8 hours a day. I needed a headband that would stay on and not slip. A friend gave me her Sweaty Band, and I was hooked! It was perfect. It wasn't too tight; it didn't slip. It was just right! It stayed on through all of my workouts and kept my flyaways out of sight for photos. I would truly recommended this to all your friends and family!!”

    Submitted by: "Allie Ishcomer, Moore,Okla."

  • “Well after searching forever for a headband to stay in my hair, this is IT!!! AMAZING! I have tried all the athletic name brands, and they fall out half way through a run. This one stays in. It would be nice to have them in more stores. I am definitely ordering more. Thanks!”

    Submitted by: "Erin, O’Fallon, Ill."

  • “WE LOVE OUR SWEATYBANDS!!! Seriously, it's a best seller in our store.”

    Submitted by: "Sarah Carroll, Retail Director & Assistant Spa Director, The COOP at Cooper Fitness Center, Dallas, Texas."

  • “We love Sweaty Bands! These pictures are from Japan with my daughters Madeleine (7) and Mackenzie (6). And, thanks Dana for supporting me and my Navy friends!”.

    Submitted by: "Colleen Allen, Yokosuka, Japan"

  • “Best thing invented since post-its! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Submitted by: "Julie Hanna, St. Louis, Mo."

  • “I first learned of Sweaty Bands when they came to Gasparilla in Tampa...I bought one to "try it out," fell in love, ordered a few more. Then found out they're carried in some stores here - so to celebrate I bought a couple more! I LOVE them! My biggest and best use for them right now - is for FOOTBALL! I am a member the Tampa Breeze a team in the Lingerie Football League. And while others are wearing their scarves under their helmets - I'm rocking my Sweaty Band! Check out the photo - it's not hard to find me and my Sweaty Band. PLEASE NOTE: This is POST game and with only a pony tail tightening - I did NOT have to adjust the SB - even AFTER removing my helmet several times!
    Go Breeze - and Go Sweaty Bands!!

    Submitted by: "Jen Langston, Tampa Breeze of the Lingerie Football League, Tampa, Fla. "

  • “I bought my first at the expo for The Columbus Marathon. I love them for several reasons: 1) they don't move; 2) so many prints and colors to choose from; and 3) they don't hurt my head after wearing for a while.

    Submitted by: "Marcy Ey, Westerville, Ohio"

  • “We LOVE the Sweaty Bands! It's the only headband that stays in my hair and on my head through bootcamp, 1/2 marathons, bikhram yoga, and just hanging out!”

    Submitted by: "Risa Brown, St. Louis, Mo."

  • I bought my first Sweaty Band at the Cincinnati Tennis tournament in August and am in love! I was doubtful that they would not slip, but they don't and I reach for it as my favorite headband for tennis, for the beach
    and pretty much anytime. Thanks!

    Submitted by: "Paula Ley, Columbus, Ohio"

  • I learned about Sweaty Bands at the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon Expo 2 years ago and decided to try it out. These are the ONLY head bands I use to workout in because they are true to their word: they don't budge! Now I buy one every year at the expo to add to my collection. Thanks Sweaty Bands for saying and most importantly, following through with your promise!

    Submitted by: "Val, Chicago, Il."

  • I LOVE sweaty bands. I never do a run without one on my head. They are so amazing. I want them ALL. My 11 year old daughter and i fight for them. She wears them everyday to school. They are just so cute!!!

    Submitted by: "Sonya Rodriguez, Plano, TX."

  • I discovered Sweaty Bands in a running store a few months ago.  From the moment I put on my first Sweaty Band - I was hooked! I have tried my share of headbands, but there is nothing like a Sweaty Band! My dear friend and I just completed our first ever Race - the More 1/2 Marathon in Central Park New York.  While we were training, my running partner noticed after a 10 mile run that my sweaty band did NOT move - they truly are amazing!

    I have now accumulated a collection - which includes an Autism Awareness Sweaty Band, which we proudly wore for our 1/2 Marathon, and I just ordered us both a 13.1 Sweaty Band!

    Your company is an absolute pleasure to buy from and you have always been tremendously helpful.

    I am proud to get sweaty in my Sweaty Band!!

    Submitted by: "Rachel Hyman, Pearl River, NY."

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