• National Spinach Day!

    By Sweaty Bands

    Yummy Strawberry Spinach Salad Recipe

    Did you know that March 26 is National Spinach Day?! Spinach is one of our FAVORITE vegetables and it is so easy to cook or eat raw in yummy salads. Not a spinach fan? I bet you might be after reading a few facts about this leafy superfood:

    1. Spinach is loaded with vitamins and contains omega 3 fatty acids!
    2. There are over a dozen flavonoid compounds in spinach that function as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents.
    3. Minerals in spinach help counteract our highly acidic diets.
    4. It's very good for the eyes and bones! 1 cup of fresh spinach contains twice our daily vitamin K needs.
    5. Choose only organic and very green looking spinach. And cooking spinach actually increases its health benefits!

    [Adapted from Real Food For Life]

    Check out our favorite spinach salad recipe (pictured above), and try it out today!
    - Spinach as the base
    - Red onion
    - Cucumber
    - Avocado
    - Strawberries
    - Feta cheese
    - Topped with shelled pistachios and croutons (optional)
    - Use an olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing or drizzle some Balsamic Vinaigrette

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  • Drink up!... On water, that is.

    By Sweaty Bands

    Guest Blogger Rachel Voris, proud mom and Beachbody coach!

    Summer bodies are made in the winter, so let’s dive in!

    We’ve all heard, “drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water” each day... But where does that come from? Honestly, there’s no exact science behind this recommendation. It’s just a fair guideline because it’s an easy formula for people to remember. A better rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. So, for example, if you’re 150 pounds, divide 150 in half, and you should be drinking a minimum of 75 ounces of water each day, and MORE if you’re exercising! If you’re less than 128, make sure to get that 64-ounces in at the bare minimum.

    Not a water drinker? Here are some tips to get you guzzlin’...

    (1) Use a straw! It goes down SO much easier with a straw. You don’t even have to pick up your cup. Just... keep... sipping! Before you know it, you’re at the bottom, and it’s time to fill’r up!

    (2) Track it! That’s right, there’s an app for keeping you on track with your water intake! Check out “WaterMinder” on the iPhone, or “Water Your Body” on Android. Or if you’re not a big app person, make a tally mark in your planner for every cup you drink, or set an alert on your phone, or watch, reminding you to drink every half-hour.

    (3) Shop for a cool cup! A new pair of sneakers gets you excited to workout, right? So a new water bottle will get you motivated to drink! Shop around... just like shoes, there’s a right “fit” for everyone. Personally, I like a 25-ounce bottle or cup with a straw.... Just fill it up 4-5 times, sip sip sip, and you’re body will be thanking you!

    (4) Add some flavor. It’s all the rage right now at restaurants, salons... everywhere you go, you find cucumber water, strawberry water, all kinds of combinations. Step aside, lemons... how about some watermelon-mint infused water? Talk about refreshing! Pick your favorite fruits, veggies, even spices... Toss them in, and enjoy! (For more delicious and healthy beverage ideas, check out our other post, Summer Hydration!)

    (5) Consider it an appetizer. Not only will this help you stay hydrated, but it could help you lose weight too! People who drink water before meals, and between cocktails, generally end up consuming less calories since they’re filling up on H2O. So, before you put anything in your mouth, make it a point to drink a tall glass of water first. Also, between courses, drink up again! Out on the town for a night out with your girlfriends?... Get a glass down in between cocktails. (I promise this will make you feel better in the morning too!)

    Now, go fill up that cup! And remember, every body is different, so test out these tips and tricks, and challenge yourself to drink more. As you do, take note of how much YOUR body needs to feel and look its best. CHEERS to a happy, healthy and well-hydrated body, hair, skin and even nails!

    Rachel Collage

    About the Author
    Rachel Voris is a phenomenal mama and a rockin' Beachbody coach who loves to wear Sweaty Bands! Her strength and daily commitment to fitness inspire us every single day. Check our her instagram to connect with her!

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  • Food Evolution

    By Sweaty Bands

    Guest Blog Post by Ellen Whitney, Chef + Athlete

    If you were about to build a house that you wanted to stand for 100 years, would you go to the junkyard and pick up disheveled, broken down materials? No, because there’s no way your structure could withstand the test time using that as a foundation. So why is it as humans we vie to grow old, yet we fuel our bodies with poor building materials? If we want to defy the maladies of old age, we need to feed ourselves top of the line sustenance.

    Over the years, health seems to have become more and more complicated. Everyday we’re bombarded by messages of what we should and should not eat, the latest “miracle” foods, and the newest “key” to youthful longevity. The “solutions” seem to be growing; yet we seem to only be getting more sick.

    Why is it that despite our increasing innovation, we have to work three times as hard as our grandparents to maintain a fraction of the health? In our modern society we are:
    • Spending more on food and nutrition supplements
    • Eating more calories
    • Consuming less nutrition
    • Taking more medication
    • Dealing with more illness and ailments

    You’d think with our progressive society we’d be in better shape than our ancestors, so how did we get to where we are today? Keep reading to find out.

    More Food, Less Nutrition

    When our ancestors began farming thousands of years ago, they worked to alter their crops to make them more productive, easier to grow and harvest, and more enjoyable to eat – after all, their lives literally depended on the bounty of their land. While the changes were minimal at best to begin, fast forward hundreds of generations later, and the food we eat in modern day barely resembles the original versions.

    As farmers toiled to create more manageable and delicious crops, they unknowingly started to strip away vital nutrients. So, we now start with food that is significantly less nutrient dense, then that food travels 1500-2000 miles, aging for 5-10 days before it even hits your grocery store shelves. Then you take it home, let it sit another 2-5 days, until the food you are finally consuming is basically dead. How much nutrition is left at this point? Scientists say if you’re lucky, 40% of an already decreased nutrient profile.

    Not only are the phytonutrients dramatically decreased in our food, but the flavor is diminished as well. Ever had a juicy tomato straight from the vine mid summer? It’s incredible, especially when compared to the one you buy at your local grocery store. Since the food stocked on store shelves is what we typically fill our diets with, over time we’ve learned to compensate for this lack of flavor by adding various forms of sugar, fat, and oil to boost the taste. Thus, we’re not only receiving fewer nutrients, but we’re eating more empty calories too (empty calories are calories you consume without receiving any vitamins or minerals in addition). With these bland foods being the only option the majority of Americans are exposed to, it’s no wonder health advocates have such a hard time convincing people to eat their vegetables.

    Food As Medicine

    With modern medicine, our doctors prescribe one drug for one disease. But this is simply not true when using food as medicine, or simply as prevention! Your body does not heal selectively. A deficiency in one nutrient can cause many illnesses, thus a mega dose of even one nutrient can cure many illnesses. All the body’s systems are interconnected.

    This is not to say that all medical drugs are bad- the beauty of living in a modern world is that we have the resources and innovation to rapidly cure illnesses. However, we live in a society where if a little is good, more must be better- which is precisely the mentality making the pharmaceuticals companies richer, and our population sicker.

    Not a single cell in our bodies is made up of drugs, so trying to replace nutrition with manufactured synthetic materials is not going to withstand the test of time. Think about it- the drug companies don’t really want their products to heal you entirely, because then how will they continue to boost their sales? The “best” drugs are the ones that make you FEEL better, yet keep you dependent on them.

    But what if instead, you could feel better simply by eating the right foods, and thus become dependent on fruits and vegetables rather than the pills that cost you exponentially more? I’m here to tell you, it’s absolutely possible. “Good health makes a lot of sense, but not a lot of dollars,” – says Dr. Andrew Saul.

    The Solution

    At this point you may be thinking, “Well, I’m screwed.” But hold on, there are ways to fight back:

    1. Buy local produce as often as possible. Stop by your local farmer’s market and talk to the people who grew your food. Most small farmers use organic methods, however, they simply can’t afford the certifications required to label their produce as such.

    2. Eat in season. If you live in Cincinnati and want fresh strawberries mid-January, guess what? We can’t produce those here in the heart of winter. So, those strawberries you’re picking up at Kroger have traveled halfway across the world to be stocked on your shelves, meanwhile losing their flavor and nutrition as we discussed above. If you strive to eat what’s in season, the chances of the food being sourced closer to home are much higher, in addition to the flavor being much greater.

    3. Stop restricting, start adding. Instead of trying to diet by focusing on all that you can’t have, focus on all that you can add to your diet. Adding more color, more variety, and more vitamins and minerals to each an every meal will leave you feeling lighter, stronger, more energized, and glowing from the inside out.

    4. Just Eat Real Food. Get back to the way your great-great grandparents ate. It’s not hard; really it’s pretty simple. Stop obsessing over all the diet “rules” you see on social media. Eat whole foods as much as possible. If you pick up something at the grocery store and you can’t pronounce or don’t recognize an ingredient, put it down and step away. As Jamie Oliver says, “Real food doesn’t have ingredients. Real food is ingredients.”

    What are your thoughts about the evolution of food in our culture? Do you agree that food can be used as medicine? I’d love to chat further- connect with me on Instagram (@ellen_whitney), my blog, or on Facebook (Ellen Whitney- Chef & Athlete).


    About the Author
    Ellen Whitney has been a food and fitness fanatic her entire life and now is happy to make it her life's work. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is a Modo Yoga 300-hour registered teacher (in progress of achieving her 500-hour!) and is currently enrolled with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Coach. When she's not teaching, she works as a private chef and runs the blog HealthTastesGood.co. Fun Fact: Ellen has also modeled for Sweaty Bands, and is a teacher at our favorite yogo studio, Modo Yoga!

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  • National Frozen Foods Day

    By Sweaty Bands

    Well, it's National Frozen Foods Day, and I'm certain people all over the country are celebrating with microwaveable salisbury steaks and bean burritos for dinner tonight. Frozen foods are known for their convenience, and are pretty much impossible to mess up. Here's the catch: most frozen foods are PACKED with sodium. You know... that thing we are only supposed to have 1500mg of per day.

    So, what do we do to combat our sodium obsession, yet still have an easy-to-make meal? Three words: frozen crockpot meals. A healthy and tasty twist on the traditional frozen meal, crockpot meals are easy to make (and freeze!), for quick meals on your busiest days. In fact, they are our go-to when it comes to meal prepping for an "I'm going to eat 30 cupcakes and 10 candy bars because I am so busy and stressed" kind of week.

    Check out the recipes below and start making crockpot that you can freeze today!

    National Frozen Foods Day – Healthy and Delicious Crockpot Freezer Meals National Frozen Foods Day – Healthy and Delicious Crockpot Freezer Meals

    Click here for printable PDF version.

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  • A Decade of Sweat

    By Sweaty Bands

    Sweaty Bands turns 10 years old this year! We are proud to be the first non-slip, velvet-lined performance headband for women. But, our success has more to do with our customers and less to do with us! We are so thankful for each and every customer who has supported us, year after year. We have grown up – from a small operation run out of a basement with a borrowed sewing machine, to a global business and household name for athletes and women everywhere.

    We are proudly headquartered right where we started, in good old Cincinnati, Ohio. We absolutely love our city and the active culture it breeds. From the Flying Pig Marathon to the Loveland Bike Trail and Modo Yoga, we love seeing our bands in action all over town. The love this city has shown us is enormous, and has given us the courage and confidence to push our brand out into the rest of the world.

    We have attended marathon expos, sporting events, tradeshows, etc. all over the country and have met so many incredible people telling us of their running victories, fitness triumphs and other touching stories. Hearing a customer come up to us at event to say, “I LOVE Sweaty Bands; I don’t wear anything else!” still makes our heart melt a little bit each time and our chest swell with pride.

    Our mission is to create quality products that empower women, one drop of sweat at a time. We know that might sound crazy, but if a simple Sweaty Band can inspire a person to move and live an active lifestyle, we feel so satisfied! Six months into the launch of our second headband, Sweaty Bands BE, and we are seeing the same incredible and exciting response. We are motivated and excited to continue innovating for you, our customers, and to continue to give you beautiful and functional products that last.

    We have seen a lot of growth over the years. We have created hundreds of Sweaty Bands designs and sold many millions of product. We’re on sale in many stores throughout the country and have shipped to women all over the world. We obviously know our brand is not for everyone, but for those we have impacted in some way, we are forever grateful for your continued support.

    Be sure to celebrate our ten year anniversary with us this month by taking advantage of our $10 off $30 Anniversary Sale going on all of March with code: 10YEARS. Additionally, we LOVE to see our products in action! Please post your pictures on Instagram all month long using #sweatybands, for a chance to win a 2-pack of Sweaty Bands on us!


    Lastly, and most importantly, Sweaty Bands would not have survived ten years without all of our dedicated staff. We have had many employees come and go over the years. Each and every one of them has been integral to our success in their own way. To all of them, current and past, we say cheers and thank you! Cue the confetti!

    Get to know us even more with 10 fun facts below:

    1. No matter how many pretty patterns and fun designs we release, our continual best sellers year over year are Wicked Black, Viva Diva Black, BE fierce and Rock Solid Black. We like to think that having your black Sweaty Band is just as important as your little black dress.

    2. Donna Browning started the company out of her basement on a borrowed sewing machine. Over the course of ten years, we have moved three times – most recently on March 1, 2017! Please come visit us at our new address: 3802 Ford Circle, Cincinnati OH 45227.

    3. Our office is insanely casual. Workout attire is a must since we regularly take a mid-day run or a hot yoga class! There is, or always should be, a nice beverage in the fridge!

    4. We are all obsessed with the Bachelor and have a “Fantasy” league set up in our office.

    5. Our CEO Doug is the only male in the office, and yes he participates in the Bachelor Fantasy League and loves it! Doug and Donna are married. We also have two sets of sisters that work for us!

    6. Did you know you can put ANYTHING on a Sweaty Band? Seriously, our design team will work with you to help you create the perfect band. Our customs program has been one of the most fun segments of the business. We pride ourselves on customer service to please everyone's design. We charge minimal design fees, have zero minimums and there is no obligation to purchase! What are you waiting for?

    7. We have attended over 500 marathon expos. Runners are very special to Sweaty Bands. Gasparilla Distance Classic in Tampa, FL was our first! We were also the Official Headband of the AVP Professional Volleyball Tour in 2010. That was so fun! Nothing like working with your toes in the sand and the sun in your face.Our first-ever event was the Duramed Futures Tour, Duramed Championship, which is a developmental tour for the LPGA. We met some great professional golfers!

    8. We have had so many professional and amateur athletes wear Sweaty Bands, including soccer players, gymnasts, lacrosse players and the list goes on and on. One of our favorites is Bethanie Mattek-Sands of the WTA. She inspires and excites us every day. If you haven't seen her play, you need to!

    9. Donna currently teaches a barre sculpt class and has been teaching fitness classes for 28 years!

    10. Our customers created our tagline, “OMG…They don’t slip” because this is what everyone kept saying when they tried them on. They truly don’t slip, no matter what activity you are doing! Try one today to find out for yourself and become a believer.

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